I have read all your comments and have decided to make this topic. About owning your own blogging web page. So here are my tips and advice to create your own site.

1. I  use http://www.wordpress.com for my web page company provider. There are other providers out there. But I have gotten such lovely reviews on my site. That I feel wordpress.com is a great choice to go with.

2. My template for the design was called the Button theme. It was free. Some themes cost money. But this theme was free. So pick one that you are comfortable with using. You are allowed to test themes also. So you can see it. Before you change themes. So once you’ve made the decision for a design. Then you customise it to how you want it.

3. To make the categories for different subjects. You make menus. And section them in your designing tools. That come with wordpress.com

4. Right now my site is free. But you can always upgrade them to a more professional or business account. But the upgrades cost money.  So it’s up to you if you want to upgrade.

5. If you want your own domain name it will cost money. Right now my site is free. But if and when I decide to upgrade is an option I am working towards.

6. As for writing my blogs. I am given a post creator in wordpress.com. It is very easy to use. And makes great posts.

7. I also make it a priority to post new content weekly. So I have more fan base, and more variety. In how my writing skills are.

8. As for the technical issues some of you are having. I don’t have the problems you are having. So it’s your browser that causing your issues. So if you have overlapping or words running off the page. I can’t help you. Because I don’t have it on my computer. So I don’t know how I can fix that issue. I use Internet Explorer. Sorry I can’t help you in this issue.

So there you have it. Thank you all for your kind words about my site. You all have made my day. Take care and have a great day!