Being powerful is one thing. But to be a powerful woman, in our world. Is a characteristic all women should be. To be a powerful woman. You have to be strong, brave, and courageous. But still have compassion, caring, and loving thoughts. Being a powerful woman is a feminine quality that we should all aim for. Let’s celebrate this day to all powerful women that have shaped our world to what it is today. We will first talk about historical women that have shaped our society with class and charisma. Then we can talk about what you can do to become a powerful woman yourself.

  1. Marilyn Monroe was a powerful woman. And represented Beauty. The cameras loved her. And her legacy was charming and classy. No one can come close to her style quite like her. She was one in a million. And is a phenomenon to this day. Her life ended short. But is remembered as a true Beauty.
  2. Audrey Hepburn was a charming woman. And was an icon of class, and elegance. Her legacy was her sharp wit. And sense of humor. Her acting roles were strong characters. And she really was a jewel on the screen.
  3. Rosa Parks was a woman who made a revolution in our black culture. She refused to give up her seat on a bus. Because her feet hurt. And faced a movement in segregation in our American history.
  4. Elizabeth Taylor was a bright eccentric woman. Her eye’s were spell binding. And her acting roles were very on point. She was beautiful, funny, and strong. She lived until her golden years. And died naturally. She donated lots of money for the Aids research foundation.
  5. Joan Rivers was a tell it like it is kind of person. She said what she thought. She was classy. And was a critic to fashion. She did say some far off the wall comments. In how stars dressed. But she never held anything back. She was powerful. And Fashion Police will never be the same now that she is gone. Not to mention she also gave back to the community with volunteering at soup kitchens and donated to many charities.

Now we will discuss finding your own power. All the women mentioned here. All did some really incredible things to make society to what it is today. Without them we would not have the clothes, makeup, or character. Each woman has her style. But to be powerful you have to face your fears and obstacles. Don’t be afraid to go down a difficult path. A hard path will bring challenges to face. But makes us stronger in the end. Here are some daily Affirmations to say each morning. While looking in the mirror.

” I can do all things through Christ.”

“Never say Never”

“Don’t forget to say I love you to the people in my life”

“Call my mom or dad. Just to say, how was your day?”

If you say these affirmations daily you will create a new purpose. And go about your daily activities. In a productive positive manner.