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Here is a tale of magic and beauty. Anjalee is a star in her work. This is her story, and will be her best work yet. It is a true story and will make you have goosebumps. You will read these pages. With such intense emotion. You would think it had to be from a gifted person.

Anjalee, is brainstorming a tale so wonderful. That it will unfold a surprise from the beginning to the end. The Black Book of Beauty. Is a gothic tale of sorcery, mystery, love, and horror.

Let’s go back to 1981, Anjalee was born on the day of April 24th, 1981. A year after John Lennon got shot. Which Anjalee is a devoted fan to the Beatles. And she connects with them. It was a bond between her and her dad. He loved the Beatles. And bought her many Beatles Cd’s. It was his favorite band also. And they bonded over listening to their songs so loud their house windows would rattle. Especially when the bass would shake the house and everyone was partying all the time at Anjalee’s house.

Anjalee wasn’t always social like she is today. When she was young she was really shy. In the first grade she didn’t really bond with the students. And her teacher was really mean. Miss, Rekko. Her teacher pulled her aside and asked her if she could subtract some numbers. Anjalee said she didn’t know how. And then Miss Rekko said That’s a load of Bull! Are you stupid? Anjalee had a lump in her throat. And all the students were staring at her. She was humiliated.  After first grade. Anjalee moved to Gilbert. And went to Islands Elementary. Which she quickly became friends way better there. And made her very first friendships in second grade. Anna  was Anjalee’s first best friend. And they would play with Ponies, Barbies, Mappletown, and Marry Poppins. They had such innocent imaginations. And were always making up stories.

(Please note I may change the names of the people in this book to protect their privacy.)

One day Anjalee came to realise that Anna was moving to Utah. And was really sad that her friend was leaving. She wrote several letters to Anna. And some she didn’t send. For it was too upsetting to have her read them. But Anjalee gave Anna a friendship necklace. Where you take pieces of it and divide them. The necklace actually had three pieces. So they gave the other half to another friend Carol. Although Carol did not go to Anjalee’s school. And didn’t meet up until Junior High. So Anjalee made friends with some different girls. To get her through elementary school.

Soon Anjalee was becoming more friendly. And her shyness was better. She really did accomplish some really hard obstacles growing up. Like, riding a bike, hitting the ball at soft ball practice, jumping hurdles in races. Anjalee always tried to be her best. And her determination had her accomplish many goals.

Section 1:

Magic of Friendships:

Chapter 1:

My story begins in the early 90’s. I was a teenager then. And was going to Gilbert High School. I tried to be with friends of all types. I did not pick any cliques. To be with friends, who gave me their time and friendship. And that is part of my charm. But I always had a mysterious side. I admire gothic groups. Because they are real. They aim to be different, outcasts, stylish, and cool. Always having an interest in writing poetry. And I painted with very skilled abilities. I knew that I had to bring my artistry in my major.

Mid-Summer Poem:

It is mid summer now. And the day’s are hot. The sunset is orange and pink. No clouds. Just an endless horizon of colors. The mountains against the sky is beautiful. And the desert is painted full of colors. The birds are chirping in rhythms. Spider webs are silky and reflect the light. Sitting on a porch swing. And feeling a breeze. I sip my tea.

Beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder. I have come to realise that in my experiences. I have realised what beauty is.

Song By Birds:

She sleeps beside her partner. Both sleeping soundly and holding each other. In their sweet caress. It is morning. And they wake to a song by birds. The sun was peeking through the window. It is that feeling when someone is holding you. As soon as you open your eye’s. You realise that there is Beauty in love. It is the small pleasures of opening your eye’s and seeing your love there.

Beauty is a form of appreciation, and acceptance. It is not just one color, it is not just one length, and it is not one gender. God made variety, not one is the same. The only thing that remains the same. Is love is endless.

Love is Near:

After a long day I kneel and pray. With the sound of my voice going to the heavens. Heaven is far. But God is near. And his love is always clear. Your heart beats to the rhythm of his breath. Your brain is his vision, and your soul is in his heart.

The Heart Shaped Locket:

She wears a heart-shaped locket with her guardian angel carved in it. The inscription says. “May your guardian  Angel always love and watch over you”. She wears this as comfort. She walks wearing this necklace wherever she goes. And always see’s a message her angel has. Her angel is like her mother. With blue eye’s and sweet smiles. Her wings are silver. The heart-shaped locket is her mystery. It is like sorcery. And creates an endless love bond. She may not see her. But she knows her angel is there. They speak to each others hearts. And have a friendship that no one can compare.

Beauty is noticing the small things people do for us. It’s the little things that make a relationship last.

He Loves Her For Her Smile:

A couple go on a date, and they eat a delicious meal. He noticed someone texted her. But she did not pick up her phone. She continued the date, and Smiled.

No one can compare the love from a father to a daughter. My dad was always working hard for my family. He always provided that we all had food, shelter, water, and love. There were times when he thought about going back to his home in India. But it was me who made him decide that he needed to be here. Our love is strong. And now I’m considering taking a vacation to India for a whole year. I’m not ready to do that yet. But I’m trying to pay everything off. And go to Beauty School to get my Easthetician Degree. Within 2-3 years hopefully I will be able to go. I have family members there. And I have always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal. My mom said it is a hard journey to travel there. But is very beautiful.

The Photograph:

She came across some old photo’s and an old photo. Of her mother and father. They were standing in front of the Taj Mahal. She remembers her mom said. That if you kiss someone at the Taj Mahal. That you can tell if the love is real.

My mom always said that you kiss a lot of frog’s before you get to the prince. I have had my share of frogs. But I can clearly say I had 3 very great loves in my life. My first was on a carnival cruise trip, to the Caribbean Islands. I look back at this day. As I wouldn’t have had my first any other way. It was very romantic. It was the best date I have ever been on. During my teenager years. I was 16, and looked hot in a bikini. We actually met while I was sun tanning. And Charles asked me out. We met for our date that night. I had to get ready for a show. We met and actually had the deck to ourselves. It was a starry night. And we kissed. It was my first real kiss!

The Elevator Kiss:

The couple enters the elevator, and it was very hot. He kept saying that he was not lucky. So they kissed very passionately. It was like a steam sauna in that elevator. But it was very sweet. The way he held her. It was the longest elevator ride.

Although summer love’s rarely work out. The vacation was over. And I was going back to Arizona, and him to Colorado.  I saw him the day before the last day. And it felt awkward. I asked him if he would ever want to find me. It was like something made me silent. I was just staring at him. And I felt that he might of thought we went too far. But I just said goodbye. And left. I felt embarrassed.

Chapter 2:

I continued my high school years single. I never dated anyone until college. Mark ( not his real name) was my second love. But was actually a couple with him. We were together for 5 years. We broke up because it was mostly long distance. And it felt strained.

I remember when I met Mark. I was in college. And I was eating lunch at a table outside in the courtyard. I couldn’t help but notice him. He had dark hair, and blue yes.  I had a long break before my class came. And we were listening to his music in his CD player. He was playing Sublime. And he was singing and laughing. He made me laugh. We were getting acquainted with each other. And we became a couple when he called me. And I said yes!

When He Sang to Her:

Many nights he would sit next to her. And sing. He held her, and she felt loved for the first time. Her heart beat the very first time. As she looked into his eye’s, she could see herself in them.

I was a devoted student in college. And majored in Interior Design, and Animation. My artwork has improved. I have painted beaches, portraits, flowers, birds, landscapes, and the 12 wonders of the world. I also painted women from different cultures throughout the world. I do impress people with my talent. And I know this gift was given to me by God.

She Paints:

She carefully places the brush of paint and glides it on the canvas. She moves back and forth with each stroke. She’s in her own world of magic. A place where she goes from the pressures of reality. It is a world of love, peace, and harmony. As she paints. She looks back. And see’s a painted landscape of oceans and birds. She signs her name. Anjalee.

I will always remember Will. We actually met when I was thirteen. And we met again when I was going to college. I instantly felt like I knew him. His green eye’s were deep, mysterious, and dark. He had black hair. And was very handsome. One day I wore my signature leather mini skirt, and leather jacket. With knee-high leather boots. I walked past him, and saw his jaw dropped. I smiled. And we hit it off that day. He pulled me aside during lunch. And kissed me. We made out passionately. And I felt so much energy in me. I looked into his eye’s and saw sparks. It was like electricity going through my body.

He Kissed Her:

He pulls her close, and slowly kisses her lips. She felt an electric spark go through her body. He holds her hand, they kiss so intensely they forgot where they were. She looks into his eye’s and feels close to him. She says it feels like I know you from a previous life. Then he said. Do you know what that means? It means those are my titties!

I am still very good friends with Will. And we communicate by the internet. He moved back to his state when he graduated college. So we remain friends. We still hold a bond that is so sweet.

It is now 2016! I celebrated my 35th birthday last April 24th. I have grown wiser. And say I love you to the most important people in my life. I have faced death in my family. My grandparents from both of my parents. Are now gone. I still hold them in my heart. I also dealt with a friend from childhood committed suicide. Daniel ( not his real name) . It was sad and painful when I found out he died. I went to his memorial service. And I realised I should tell everyone in my life that are important to me “I love you”. You never know when someone close to you dies. I can’t imagine loosing my parents. They are everything to me. And when they are gone. I don’t know how I will make it through. I recently decided that I want to go to Beauty school. And get my Easthetician degree. I want a steady job. And do something fun, and make more money. I need to prepare in case something should happen to my parents. If I can get through these next 2-3 years of Beauty School. I will be happier. And will create a security that will support me.

A few years ago I got a friend request from Anna. It came right out of blue. We chatted and talked. We are now keeping in touch more. In fact Anna is now married and had her first little girl of her own. We still share stories with each other. And we are repairing our friendship. I still love her to this day. She is my sunshine. This is why I love technology. I got re-united with many friends that have moved away. And now I am still  friends with many people throughout my younger years.

When a Friend Comes Back to You:

She has had heartbreak, and sad lonely days. She felt abandoned from life. And was alone. Then one day her friend came back into her life. And now she see’s more sunshine. And she feels loved from many. Who have come back and they never question anything. They just know that the bond they share is strong. And now she can face all challenges. With the support of her friend.

The Magic of Friendships:

Love is magic when it grows from a seed. It starts out small. Being watered and put in soil. It begins to sprout vines. And grows until it pokes through the soil. It bathes in sunshine. And drinks water from its roots. Then in many days after, it blooms into a flower. This is how friendships are. It never dies when you water and care for it. So don’t pick it. It will die. The seeds you reap will sew.

Section 2:

Where Will the Road Take Me:

Chapter 3:

One of the happiest days I ever had. Was passing my driver’s test. And getting my license. I felt like I made a huge accomplishment. Like I made it passed an obstacle in my life. My first car was a Mercedes-Benz. And I reached success.

 When You Realise You Can Do Anything:

There are moments that make you see things in a new way. Like passing a test, getting that dream job, and see where the road you’ve traveled so far. Is the road you were meant to travel. Some roads are hard. But when you pull through to the end of the road. You really see a different way of seeing your life. You are standing on top of the world.   And know that you can do anything!

Beauty is realising it isn’t clothes, makeup, or style. It’s the personality of the look you portray. I have been told that there are many Hot girls out there. But they have shitty personalities. That turn’s off guys. They often fall for the girl that makes him want to be better. A girl that doesn’t ask to change, but you change for her. Just because you want more from her. It’s hard to move past the exterior. And really get to know a person. But when you take down the wall for someone you want to know that he/she wont hurt you once your barriers are gone. To be vulnerable and take that risk. Is very serious.

 Blessings of Being Single:

Why has been being single gotten such a bad rep? Being single has its ups and downs. But it should never has us feeling that we need a man. To fill the void that’s missing in your life. Being single has its blessings. You are just being smart in who you date. And who you let into your life. And deserves your love. You may be taking time off from dating to heal your heart. From a bad breakup. But that does not mean that it ruins your chances of meeting someone who will love you for who you are.  Here are some facts that being single is a blessing. And not a curse.

  1. You are being smart about who you let into your life. Many married women are unhappy. And are in abusive relationships. They don’t know what they can do. They are afraid of leaving him. Cause they feel ashamed and guilty in some way.
  2. You are independent and smart. You want a faithful man. That will support you. And love everything about you.
  3. You want to trust the man 100%. The married women that are lucky. And they are living what we fantasize about. Just think they have trust issues to keep a man’s interest. It’s a lot of work to be able to have a man loyal. If you are not 100% sure you trust him. Do Not Marry Him!
  4. Just think God has other plans for you in life. He wants you to be a pioneer. You crave adventure in your life. And God wants you to see. That there is more to life then being tied down to someone. He wants you to explore. Maybe become involved in a charity you like will make you feel your voice has been heard. You will be rewarded for being a miracle to your cause.
  5. Living with a man is a constant adjustment. Men have different views in hygiene. They may leave hair in the sink. And they expect you to clean it. I feel if you share a bathroom. Then you can help by cleaning it. It should not fall on you.
  6. Being married isn’t everything.
  7. You want a man who is a father figure. Maybe you are comparing your man with your dad. Not that you would date your dad. But  a man who has the same qualities.
  8. You are not the girl who tolerates toxic relationships.
  9. You are not in competition with anyone. Men hate women who competes with girls in how they can get married first. Like it’s some kind of race to the altar. That asks for divorce before the ink is dry. On your marriage certificate.
  10. You being single means you are comfortable in your skin. And you don’t need a man to make you feel loved. You can get love from your dog or cat. Pets make you feel loved no matter what. They help depression. And will love you always.

Well I hope this helped you get out of your slump. There is nothing wrong with being single. And you know where I’m coming from. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. That you are loved. Without even realising it.

Beauty is realising the Heart needs blood before it beats:

Love is in the heart, beating to its own rhythm. No one has the same heart beat. As all hearts are different. The only thing that keeps a heart beating is the blood. That flows through it. Beauty is realising the Heart needs blood before it beats.

When you are inside your mother’s womb. Your heart beat first when the blood entered the organ. It gave you breath.  And allows you to breathe.

When you were born, you gasped for your first breath. Which made the blood flow. And your heart beat beated. With your first life experience.

The miracle of life is love and beauty.

My journey in life was long, and it’s not over yet. No one said life was going to be easy. And I know this because I have had many bad experiences. But I don’t let it get me down anymore. If people are no longer in my life. Than I know it wasn’t meant to be.

The one thing that gets me through the day:

The one thing that gets me through the day. Is receiving love from my cat and dog. They keep me positive.  And they always love me no matter what. They came into my life. They are my children. I love them more than people. And they saved my life.

Chapter 4.

The road takes me here. In front of my computer and writing on my blog page. I became a blogger. And published many articles and books. My site is getting really great reviews. And now I consider myself an accomplished writer. I also have books on Amazon for sale. I’m anxious to have people buy my books. And read them in print. But I stand by anything I put my name on. And I can assure you. You get your money’s worth. And so much more.

Now I promised you all a surprise at the end of this story. That if you read this right now. I will do something for you. I would like to dedicate this book to you. If you like my stories and articles. Send me a message with ideas for what I should write next. I’m open to new ideas. Sometimes life of a blogger. You run out of topics to write. So give me some new material. That you would like to see on this site. And I will do an article, dedicated to you. But with my way of writing and research.

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