It is now the last day of August. And we are headed into September already! Yikes! This year is full of changes. From Cool colors. To classic prints. The style for this season is trendsetting. Now what sets this article from other bloggers is that it comes from my natural ability to spot what is trending. I was flipping through the latest Vogue magazine. And it was full of floral and sheer fabrics. So I got it from its source. So let’s discuss what fashion finds we can come up with.

  1. Floral in jewel toned colors are very popular. Finding a flare with floral designs is chic and very pretty.
  2. A good trench coat in grey, black, or camel. Is the trend this year. So as the weather gets chilly at night. Pull out your trench coats and pair it with a scarf. And your good to go.
  3. Black pants are a staple in your wardrobe. So shop for a new pair of black slacks, jeans, or trousers. And get rid of the worn and out grown. If you lost weight this year. You would want to reward yourself to a newer fitted pant.
  4. Also shine up your boots and take them to a boot repair shop. You could have an old pair of boots looking new. Without breaking the bank. If you have reliable boots. Just get them repaired with new sole’s. And you will set the year right.
  5. Also don’t forget your Halloween costumes this year. Wether you make them, or buy them. Plan ahead. So you can get the right fit. And set the mood for the upcoming Holiday.
  6. Also anything with pumpkin graphics is a must. So get several pair if you see something with this graphic.
  7. Jack and Sally are also very popular. It’s good to set the mood right with these characters.

So there you have it. My style guide for fashion 2016. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time.