Do you like to plan everything? Like when throwing a party. Or, do you like to go with the flow. And let events unfold naturally. Everyone is different. Some people rely on being organized and plan every detail. Sometimes it’s good but other times it gets annoying. Some people like to have a little more surprises when they go to an event. So here are some tips to find out if you are a planner, or go with the flow person.


  1. Budgeting your money is good. It helps you manage your money. And not overspend, when you shop. Always keep track of your money. And plan where your money is going.
  2. Organizing your closet is a great way to plan your outfits. And also going through your wardrobe. And get rid of items you no longer wear or use anymore.
  3. When throwing a party. Do you make lists, and plan every detail? Sometimes organization can make a party more controlled.

Go With the Flow:

  1. When you are dating someone. You want some events to unfold naturally. You wouldn’t plan that kiss you had at sunset. Or the way you hold hands with someone should be natural. It would be annoying if you plan these things.
  2. When you cook or bake something. Do you do it from your head? Or do you follow the recipe exact? Some people like to tweak the recipe. And make it their own.
  3. At a party do you like to mingle, and have fun? Talking with friends at a party should be natural. If you plan too much. You could create anxiety for the event. And then your stressed that everything goes to how you want it.  Let others help you plan for the event. It will take the pressure off. And more ideas can come together and make the party more fun.

You may be thinking you are a little of both in certain areas. And that’s okay. I hope this was entertaining to read. Have a good day!