Hi! It’s me again. This is a guide that helps you apply your lipstick. So it will last all day. Without smearing. The red lip is popping up everywhere online. And I have to upkeep my Beauty advice. So here are my tips in achieving red lips. And get it perfect every time.

  1. Finding a red lipstick can be challenging. And there are many red shades to look at. But you know me well. That you should choose one that goes with your skin tone.


In the chart above it will give you options which shades to buy.

2. How to apply the lipstick  has several steps. When you pick a red shade, also pick a lip liner.

First Step: apply a moisturizer  lip balm to keep your lips from getting chapped. And some girls use a concealor for under the lipstick.

Second Step: The trick to keeping your lipstick on all day. Without smearing. Even when you may be kissing someone. Use a lip stain. It stays on longer. And does not smear when you are kissing someone. 😉

Third Step: Use a lip liner to outline the lip. For a crisp look.

Fourth Step: Then apply the lipstick on your lips. Evenly.

Fifth Step: Blot your lips afterwards. It will keep it from smearing on your teeth.

And one rule to keep up: Do not touch up your makeup if you are at a public restaurant. Go to the lady’s room. And re apply your makeup.

Well there you have it. My Guide to The Red Lip. Hope you enjoyed it.