This topic is important. Because it will prevent yourself from having injuries. While working out.  I know the stress it is to get fit. And seeing all those pictures on the internet. With skinny girls in their bathing suits. Gets you depressed. You are comparing yourself to someone else.  But I say exercise to keep yourself healthy. But do it where you are not hurting yourself. Read the warning labels when you begin a workout. Wether it is a workout video. Or machine equipment. Wether you workout at home or the gym. Always read the safety instructions. Here’s an instruction list to workout the right way. Remember to consult your doctor before you begin a workout.

  1. Before you begin a workout. Get a glass of water, a towel, and any equipment that is required for your workout.
  2. Stretch before and after each workout.
  3. Stop if you are hurting, and pushing yourself too far. You can pull a muscle. Only go within your comfort zone. If you can’t touch your toes. Maybe touch your ankle, knees, or calf.
  4. If you are a beginner go slow. And watch the beginner demonstrations. When doing a video. They have beginner, moderate, and advanced demo’s. So only go to what your body is telling you. And if you can’t do a certain move. Stop. Then start again for the next sequins.
  5. Do Not Compare Your Body to Someone Else!
  6. Eat a snack before and after a workout.  It’s not good to workout on an empty stomach. It will give you fuel to be able to push yourself. While working out.
  7. If you ache the next day. Have a rest day. Before you workout again. If you can schedule your workouts. With a rest day in between.
  8. Try to have fun! Instead of putting stress in doing a workout. Have fun while doing it. Imagine your body. Getting thin, and sexy.

I hope this helped you. I want you to have fun while working out. Smile and be happy.