It has been awhile since my last Health article. Today, I want to show examples of jump starting your day the healthy way.

  1. I have cut out sodas for a few weeks now. And I am starting to drink more iced tea and water. With a natural sweetener. And I have so much energy. That today I was motivated to exercise. I did 3, 30 minute workout videos. Zumba Abs’, Jillian Michael’s Six Pack Abs, and Brazilian Butts, Bum Bum workout. I also did 100 reps on my ab machine. I feel great!
  2. I also recommend eating little meals throughout the day. And then eat an all balanced dinner. Like chicken, with green veggies. Do not skip any meals. The more fuel you have. The more you burn.
  3. Instead of starting your day with a coffee. Go for water with lemons. This makes you energised. And gives your digestive track a healthy boost. In how it digests food throughout the day.
  4. Cut your sugar intake to 6 teaspoons a day. This includes cutting out sugary sweets. Like donuts, and cookies. Also the beverages you drink that have sugar. Like soda, and juice. Should be limited. If you cut this out of your diet. You will look and feel less sluggish. In your daily activities.
  5. Right now you are probably thinking. Wow! That’s impressive. But how does this effect me? Well I have to say. I am just giving you some tips and motivation. To be healthy. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. They say if you are hurting or get dizzy in any workout you should stop. And I was just fortunate because I had energy today. And wanted to share my success.
  6. It’s no fun going on a diet. And I know the struggle of not eating your favorite sweets. But if you do this for just 6 weeks. Just to try it. You will get results.
  7. Just think your heart will be stronger. And you will be less likely to have a stroke or heart attack. If you keep this up. You will be healthy.

I hope this helped you in getting fit. Have a good day!