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Prologue: Letter from the Author:

Dear Readers,

Here we are again. And I have got a surprise for you. I have been on a roll with my Beautiful! Series. That I have added a fun book for you. It is Beautiful: The Holiday Edition. Here is another masterpiece I have been brainstorming about. I will have every holiday featured in this edition. Into its own section. I will also include a Birthday section as well.  In this book I will discuss beauty, fashion, hair, and Holiday styling. You will love this fun book. If you love Holidays. It is important to look your best on all Holiday’s and Birthday’s. This will be fun!

Corset pic


Anjalee Jadav,

Section 1:

Introduction to Holidays:

Chapter 1:

What Holiday is your favorite? My favorite holiday is Halloween and Christmas. Although I enjoy every holiday. And they all have some fun ways to celebrate with family and friends. In this edition to Beautiful. I will discuss all holiday’s with their own sections. And include styling to each one. As for now Father’s Day and 4th of July is coming next. So I will start with Summer Holiday’s first. Then I will discuss each holiday in order from todays date. Today is June 8th. So I will start with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the 4th of July. Then the next section will be our Fall and Winter Holiday’s. Where I will discuss Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The next section is our Spring Holiday’s Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, And Easter. Then the last section is Birthdays.  So have fun!  Because this book is going to be exciting!

Summer Holidays: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and 4th of July.

Mother’s Day was founded in the U.S. During the Civil War. I know Mother’s Day had a protest march. And Mother’s Day had a song anthem. Sung by Anna Jarvis.

Mother’s Day turns 100 this year, it’s known mostly as a time for brunches, gifts, cards, and general outpourings of love and appreciation.”

 “But the holiday has more somber roots: It was founded for mourning women to remember fallen soldiers and work for peace. And when the holiday went commercial, its greatest champion, Anna Jarvis, gave everything to fight it, dying penniless and broken in a sanitarium.  It all started in the 1850s, when West Virginia women’s organizer Ann Reeves Jarvis—Anna’s mother—held Mother’s Day work clubs to improve sanitary conditions and try to lower infant mortality by fighting disease and curbing milk contamination, according to historian Katharine Antolini of West Virginia Wesleyan College. The groups also tended wounded soldiers from both sides during the U.S. Civil War from 1861 to 1865.”

 Father’s Day was founded on June 1910.

“Father’s Day officially began in 1910 in Spokane, Washington, where 27-year-old Sonora Dodd proposed it as a way to honor the man who raised her when her mom died in childbirth. Dodd was at a church service thinking about how grateful she was for her father when she had the idea for Father’s Day, which would mirror Mother’s Day but be celebrated in June — her dad’s birthday month.”

 “The movement grew for years but didn’t gain national-event status until 1924 under former President Calvin Coolidge. He said it would “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children” and “impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations,” according to the Library of Congress Wise Guide.”
The 4th of July was founded in Americas Civil War, on the day of July 4th, 1865.
It is the birth of our nation as a free country. Abraham Lincoln was the president during this time. And established our freedom as “everyone are all created equal.” In his Gettysburg Address.
I wanted to give a brief introduction to these holiday’s. As a way to know the history of where they come from. How they were established. Which now comes to conclude in how we celebrate them today. They are in America’s history. And should be recognised in their importance in our culture.  If you remember in Beautiful! Part 1. I briefly discussed the fashion in this period. I will refresh your memory for you. In this era women wore corsets, and long full gowns. They wore layers of undergarments. And were very strict in covering up. The fashion in this era was starting to take women’s apparel to a new revolution. Fabrics were being woven, and sewn by hand. And many vintage shops today will have some sort of costume during these times available. And in the movie Gone With the Wind. You can see how men and women dressed during this time.
Makeup was established during the early 20th century. Inspired by Queen Elizabeth the 1st.  We also talked about the history of lipstick in Beautiful! part 1.  So please read it to get a better understanding of what this book is going to talk about next.
In the picture below. This is my outfit that best describes the way these holidays represent. With a new look and up to date with today’s fashion. I have stars in my blouse. With blue Capri jean shorts. With red belt, and red strappy sandal dress shoes. It all coordinates well together.
Chapter 2:

Fall and Winter Holiday’s: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. 


Halloween is all about dressing up and socializing with friends and families. Halloween was a Pagan holiday. Developed in Europe and migrated to America. And is still being celebrated as a day of fun, candy, and superstitions. I love Halloween. And I have many costumes over my whole life. Yes I still observe this holiday. Because it is rich in culture. And lets kids and adults dress up as their favorite characters. You can use your imagination. And get free candy.

 Here are some of my looks over the last 5 years.

Halloween costume collage

Yes! These are my Ruby Slippers. Perfect accessory for the Dorothy costume!


I have mentioned that Halloween is a great time to try bold looks. When I was Snow White I did have red lips and blue eye shadow, with short hair. While Dorothy was natural, she was more on hair than make up, with two french braid pig tails. And for Belle, using tan/pinkish eye shadow, and did a half pony tail for my hair. I tried to do my hair using my natural hair. No wigs. I wanted to resemble the characters with my own hair. And style it as close as possible to the characters hair. As for the 50’s girl I just tied my hair in a ribbon into a pony tail. With lip gloss, press powder foundation, and  a little mascara. For my makeup. With the Black Bride focusing on the dress for my costume. Remembering years ago, I was a white bride one year when I was little. And this year I did the black bride. And I had a black veil.

Isn’t it fun to dress up for Halloween and go to  parties with your friends. I have had many fun occasions with my friends. And every outfit was perfection. And I will tell you this Everyone looks their best on Halloween. That’s when they are truly Beautiful!


Moving along to Thanksgiving. This time of year is more casual. Because you want your clothes to be a little loose when you eat your Thanksgiving feast.

Here is a picture of me in my usual Thanksgiving blouse and black pants.

Thanksgiving outfit

During Thanksgiving it is more relaxed and comfortable. And you would want to go with natural makeup. Being bold during this time is not necessary. Or even no makeup is recommended. Because you are more than likely going to be around family. So it is better to wear little or none at all.  The only case in where you would want to wear some makeup is if your meeting someones parents for the first time. If you are dating someone it is best to look your best. Wear something casual. But still classy. You would want to be modest and stylish.

Your hair style for Thanksgiving can be clean and down. Or a half pony tail will do. It should be brushed and groomed while you eat.  Look in Beautiful! Part 1. For the demonstrations in how you can wear your hair. It will clearly give you ideas into how you should wear your hair.


Christmas is now half a year away from today. And time will fly by. By the time it approaches. Every year I try to do something different to my wardrobe. I like to experiment with colors. Especially with reds. Last year I even tried out a winter white Little White Dress. So here are some of my looks in a variety of colors that would totally get you in the Christmas spirit. Whither you’re at a party. To your Christmas Day outfit.

Christmas Collage

The accessories I would wear with these dresses are diamond jewelry, or garnet earrings. I would probably also wear panty hose to keep my legs warm. And the one with the leather jacket. Usually wearing it with knee-high leather boots. These are signature looks. And with the short-sleeved dresses I would wear something covering my shoulders. Like a caped sleeved  sweater. Or just stay indoors for the celebrating. To keep myself warm.

Christmas is a time to try glittery makeup. Like a gold or silver eye shadow. With shimmer gloss. I would probably wear a rosy colour and not bright red lipstick. When wearing my red dresses. You want it to be a lighter shade of red. For your lips. It makes it seem classy.

New Year’s:

New Year’s is a time where the next new year changes. And welcomes the new year with celebrating life and memories of the years past. Many people create resolutions. And try to become a better person. Also a lot of parties are happening this night. And we always have to watch ourselves. Never get into a vehicle if you, or the driver consumes alcohol.

This is when The Little Black dress will come into effect. It’s perfect for this night. In Beautiful! Part 2. I showed images of my Little Black Dresses. Please review this book to see all of them.

This is the perfect Little Black Dress. It has lace sleeves, with built-in belt with silver buckle. And worn with a diamond necklace for an accessory.

Black lace dress

Chapter 3:

Spring Holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, And Easter.

Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is either loved or hated. When your single it sucks. But if your with a date. It can be exciting. Personally I usually dress normal on Valentine’s Day. It is a day where you can be casual if your single. And when your on a date. I would wear red lace dresses. With natural makeup. So now I will include some makeup advice to wear on a date.  In how to apply makeup for a date.

In an article on eHarmony web site. It had some tips in How to Wear  Makeup on Your First Date. (You should have a skin regimen for underneath the makeup by now. Read Beautiful! Part 1. For a refresher course in how to create a skin care regimen daily. With using cleansers, and anti aging moisturizer daily. Also keep hydrated with water. And consume less soda and sugar filled drinks).

Here is a basic makeup look the article suggested.

“You want your first-date makeup to represent who you are. Don’t overdo it with drama — unless you happen to wear red lipstick and black eyeliner every day. A coat or two of mascara on your upper lashes, curled, will strategically frame your eyes and make you look awake.”eHarmony

“Enhance your best feature, but do so subtly. Instead of a harsh, black-lined smoky eye, use grays and browns to define your baby blues (or browns). Use lip gloss or a lipstick just a shade or two darker than your natural lip instead of sending a “don’t kiss me” message with a garish made-up mouth.” eHarmony

“And don’t distract with too much sparkle and shine. Shimmer can be alluring by candlelight, but use it sparingly.” eHarmony

Basically what they are saying is a natural shade of eye shadow. Like nude, brown, grey, or tan. With eye liner and mascara is prefered. While a lip gloss, and warm shades of lipstick is accepted.

Also blush is a good way to refresh your cheeks in a rosy color. Apply it to the apple of your cheeks. And blend up towards your temple.

Now follow this one rule. “Do Not Retouch Makeup At the Dinner Table! Go To The Lady’s Room!” It’s unsanitary, and gives you a high maintenance impression.

I did mention that you should never wear your makeup for a man. So in this case. Only do it for yourself. Don’t hide behind makeup. Be confidant, smile, and laugh. And that would be your success as a date.


St. Patrick’s Day:

Go green! On this day. If you want to observe this holiday. You can do it by wearing a green blouse. And regular jeans to celebrate. Again. If you are going to a party on this day. Do Not get in a car if you, or someone else is drinking.



In Beautiful! Part 2. I demonstrated a spring look color coordination chart. Where you can coordinate different colors for an Easter look. When I think of Easter. I think of flowers and pastel colors. With natural makeup. To make this holiday stylish.

Here is my Easter dress. It slims my figure and shows my feminine side.

Phone Pics 131

As for your makeup. You can go with pinks, rose, and lip gloss. It is a time for soft looks. And for your hair maybe try a french braid. There is a french braid tutorial in Beautiful! Part 1. Please refer back to it.

Easter celebrations involve coloring hard-boiled eggs, Sunday brunches, and family gatherings. So this day is fun to socialize with family.

Section 2:

Birthday Styles

Chapter 4:

It’s your special day this time of year. Many happy returns of the day. And today you can do whatever you want with your style. You can go natural or bold. Wear a Little Black Dress. Or keep it casual. You can style your hair in many looks. But today is how you want it.  Because it’s your day!

Here I will display more hair styling tips. We didn’t really talk much about hair in this book. So I will add more styles.

The Flower Braid Tutorial: This is a beautiful hairstyle. If you can’t do it yourself. Have someone else braid it for you. It’s the look that counts.

Here’s an easy style. It’s very pretty. And gives the pony tail a little twist.


Give these styles a try. They can be hard. So maybe go to a professional hairstylist. And show them the picture. They will help you. It’s okay. To go to a salon to style your hair. On your special day. You can have a spa day.

Chapter 5:

I had so much fun with Beautiful! The Holiday Edition. And I hope you enjoyed it. I love the topic of beauty. And there are so many different styles. With Beautiful! Beautiful! Part 2. And Beautiful! The Holiday Edition. You will be a fashionista. And your friends will want to know what you will come up with next. Thank you for reading my books. It really means a lot. That all of you read my work. You are all Beautiful!