Why has been being single gotten such a bad rep? Being single has its ups and downs. But it should never has us feeling that we need a man. To fill the void that’s missing in your life. Being single has its blessings. You are just being smart in who you date. And who you let into your life. And deserves your love. You may be taking time off from dating to heal your heart. From a bad breakup. But that does not mean that it ruins your chances of meeting someone who will love you for who you are.  Here are some facts that being single is a blessing. And not a curse.

  1. You are being smart about who you let into your life. Many married women are unhappy. And are in abusive relationships. They don’t know what they can do. They are afraid of leaving him. Cause they feel ashamed and guilty in some way.
  2. You are independent and smart. You want a faithful man. That will support you. And love everything about you.
  3. You want to trust the man 100%. The married women that are lucky. And they are living what we fantasize about. Just think they have trust issues to keep a man’s interest. It’s a lot of work to be able to have a man loyal. If you are not 100% sure you trust him. Do Not Marry Him!
  4. Just think God has other plans for you in life. He wants you to be a pioneer. You crave adventure in your life. And God wants you to see. That there is more to life then being tied down to someone. He wants you to explore. Maybe become involved in a charity you like will make you feel your voice has been heard. You will be rewarded for being a miracle to your cause.
  5. Living with a man is a constant adjustment. Men have different views in hygiene. They may leave hair in the sink. And they expect you to clean it. I feel if you share a bathroom. Then you can help by cleaning it. It should not fall on you.
  6. Being married isn’t everything.
  7. You want a man who is a father figure. Maybe you are comparing your man with your dad. Not that you would date your dad. But  a man that has the same qualities.
  8. You are not the girl who tolerates toxic relationships.
  9. You are not in competition with anyone. Men hate women who competes with girls in how they can get married first. Like it’s some kind of race to the altar. That asks for divorce before the ink is dry. On your marriage certificate.
  10. You being single means you are comfortable in your skin. And you don’t need a man to make you feel loved. You can get love from your dog or cat. Pets make you feel loved no matter what. They help depression. And will love you always.

Well I hope this helped you get out of your slump. There is nothing wrong with being single. And you know where I’m coming from. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. That you are loved. Without even realising it. Take good care of yourself. Until next time.