Summer is here! And we are headed for sun tanning, swimming, volleyball, and BBQ’s.  Here is my summer style guide for this sunny season.

  1. You are probably looking at all the swimsuit ads swarming the internet. And you are probably in the eating healthy, and exercise mode by now. To be able to wear your favorite suits.  Here is a site that has suits for all body types. No matter what your body type is you will find a suit there. From petite to plus sizes.
  2. My favorite accessories is my sunhat, I got at Dressbarn. It is a tan shade and really goes with everything. I wear it everyday. This hat really spoke to me when I got it. So even if you’re not a hat person. Once you find a hat that you love. You’ll wear it with confidence and smile more.
  3. Sunglasses are a must. They protect your eye’s, and avoids dark circles under the eye’s.
  4. Sunscreen is a must! Always wear sunscreen when you are going out. Wear it under your makeup. Or use makeup that has SPF in it. This helps protect your skin from the sun’s UV Rays. And prevents premature aging.
  5. Sundresses and Maxi dresses are in this time of year. And in bright warm colors.
  6. Sandals are a must when you just want to slip them on. And take your dog for a walk. They are comfortable and practical.
  7. Also shop around for cute swimsuit coverups. For when you just want to cover up. And stay modest.

Here is a picture of me wearing my hat. I’m also wearing my favorite Calvin Klein sun dress. This look is the perfect summer style that is flattering and pretty.

Sun Hat pic 2

So there you have it. My Summer Style Guide for 2017.