Beautiful! Part 2    By Anjalee Jadav



 Prologue: Letter from the author:

Dear Readers,

Hello readers! I would like to say I had such a wonderful turn out with Beautiful! That I have decided to make it into a series. I know you thought it was completed. But I find that the topic of beauty and fashion is ongoing. Because makeup and fashion is always changing. With a blink of an eye. An old fashion trend could end up making a comeback.  With Beautiful! Part 2. I will discuss beauty and fashion with the seasons.  Then I will add makeup tutorials in completing your look. Also accessories are important in making an outfit complete. I will also add more hair styling tips. And inspirational quotes from women throughout history. That captivates our culture with class.

So indulge with Beautiful! Part 2.


Anjalee Jadav,


Section 1:

Makeup & Fashion with the Seasons:

Chapter 1:

     Women’s makeup and apparel are constantly changing from season to season. The color palette in stores go from pastels and neon’s in spring and summer times. While darker colors such as deep reds and browns in the fall and winter time.  I will break down this section with each season with a color palette. For clothes and makeup, that correspond to each season in a tasteful way. That you will always keep up with your style from season to season.

Right now in Arizona we are headed into Summer. So I will start with Spring and Summer. Spring and Summer colors can blend in with each other. Because they are cool colors to have when the weather is hot, and sun shiny. While I view Springtime with pastel colors, with floral prints. Colors such as pink, yellow, orange, lavender, and green. Are great for the apparel in clothes. As for makeup you would want  more natural colors. And makeup to look like it’s been sun kissed. Also, I will include a section on Black. The key to wearing black. In any occasion. So Let’s begin.



Here is a great color palette for a light Spring. Use these color swatches for coordinating  your clothes.  There are many options to choose from.

Here is a nice color palette for makeup coordination. Here you see more natural colors such as pinks, tans, and colors for contouring.

The Picture Below is a great Spring floral dress.

Phone Pics 131




Makeup for the summer looks like more Berry tones.

In the Spring and Summer times. I see more neuteral shades. Like tan, white, and grey. Use these to balance the colors in your clothes in a pleasing way. And is soothing to the eye’s.

Here is a great Summer look. Perfect for sun tanning at the beach. I really love this hat. Great accessory on a very bright sunny day.

Sun Hat pic 2


Here is a great color palette for Fall/Autumn. Here you can see the colors are more deeper. Like a plum color, or a golden natural shade of orange and brown.

Here is a makeup color palette for the Autumn season. Here you can see the colors are starting to turn from warm to cool.  Fall is a transition from summer and winter. It’s like a in between. So you can do your makeup in this range.

I really do look good in red. In this red shirt dress. I added more to it with black tights to give it a Fall look on a chilly night.

red shirt dress


Here is a Winter color palette showing dark shades. Making them cool and bold.


The makeup palette for Winter is more bold. Here you can be as bold as you want. As long as it goes with the outfit, and occasion.

White winter dress

Last year I was in the Winter White Christmas spirit. I actually got really great reviews on my Facebook page on this photo. So I know this look is a great choice for a Winter look.


Each season we work with many options. And I have to say that it can be very overwhelming to know which to choose. While some colors can may well look better on some more than others. I have different skin tones throughout the year. So I can be in many colors.  But one color I see is a staple color is Black. Yes! Black is a go to for many. Because it is slimming, and very appealing to the eye. Some people only wear black. But I feel you do want to brighten up with color on some occasions. While the Little Black Dress is essential to a girl’s wardrobe. Maybe offset it with colored shoes. Or wearing accessory like a scarf to balance the eye. Or maybe a jewelry piece that makes the whole look put together.

Here are some pictures of me in black dresses. See how it’s done, when it’s done with class.

This dress is very elegant with the lace sleeves. And built in belt with a silver buckle to make it slimming to my figure. Also I’m wearing a diamond necklace to make the look classy.

Black lace dress

You know I love my black studded corset. It’s embellished with studs and has silver hooks in the front. And has a lace up back. Paired with a black leather mini skirt it makes the look timeless.

Corset pic

This dress is very classy. With silver beading in the bodice. Making my figure sleek and thin. With a flowing skirt that goes to the knee. Showing one of my best assets. My legs. Topped off with nude high heels.



Now this is my ball gown. It is embellished with silver beading throughout the whole design. And is beautiful!



Chapter 2:

Now that we have a more in depth display of colors and styling choices.   We now are more in tuned with styling. Everyone has their own style. And I hope that I give valuable advice in how to dress. When your going to a fancy party. Or a date with the crush you’ve been daydreaming about. You will know how to dress to impress. Your friends will look at you. As their style icon. After you are done reading Beautiful! And Beautiful! Part 2. Now that we are having fun talking about style. We will go into more makeup tutorials. So get your facial kits, nail kits, and makeup. And we will now have a beauty spa day.

I know what your thinking. I must have a very exciting life. I am always in dresses in my pics. Well I just want to put my best out there. Yes I do wear jeans and tee-shirts. But these are my best looks that shape my personality. I’m always wearing a dress to be ready for that date. Or party, or concert. Where I will meet many people. In my outings. When your out with friends. And they introduce you to a great guy. You want to look your best.

Natural Eye Makeup:

Here are some makeup examples for natural eye’s. Here you can see a light lavender can be invigorating for a seasonal outing. Like a barbecue. It’s light and didn’t over do it on the eye liner. Making it natural looking.

Natural Lips:

Here are some natural red shades for lips: You can see they use light pink to a rosy red. And not so bold on the red. Making red as a natural option.

The Sun Kissed Look:

Now to make your cheeks sun kissed: First you want to pick out a bronzer foundation. And apply it evenly on your face. Then according to your skin tone. (Please refer to Beautiful! Part 1. For a refresh in finding the right foundation).

Then pick out a blush and apply. You apply blush, using rosy pink shades. And if you have light skin you can use shimmer. But for medium or tanned skin. Just use a rose shade. On your cheeks. And you can pull off sun kissed cheeks. How to apply blush. You just start from the apples of your cheeks and back towards your temple.

Bold Eye Makeup:

Here’s an example of a bold Smokey Eye using green glitter eye shadow. And clever eye liner technique. Here it is Bold and not too dramatic. Great for a concert or party.


Bold Lip Color:


Now one rule of thumb with going bold on makeup. Is to not over do it. Sometimes girls fly off the handle with it. And they look like a disaster. So I would say. Maybe go bold with your eye’s and natural for your lips. Or natural for your eyes. And bold for your lips. That will make the look appealing. And isn’t so clownish looking. You want to Wow! People. Not scare them away.

Part 2:

Accessories & Hair:

Chapter 3.

Accessories add to your overall look. Wether it’s jewelry, a scarf, or hat. It will make the whole outfit complete. Recently I bought a new straw hat from Dressbarn. It just called out to me. And I wear it with confidence and have bounce in my step. It’s a neutral color tan. With a ribbon to go with many colors. So I can match it with a range of colors.

Here is some pictures of me wearing my hat. I wore it with blue and pink.

We all have our favorite jewelry preferences. We are all unique when it comes to accessories. I like feminine, soft designs. Like hearts in jewelry. It makes a very nice addition to any outfit. My favorite kind of necklaces are heart shaped pendants. I have many heart shaped necklaces. And I also have a heart shaped watch. See below for some of my jewelry style trends.


Also shoes are accessories to every outfit. Some days I wear flats. But when I’m out I’ll wear an ankle boot. Or even high heels when I go out to dinner with my family. So here is a picture of my shoe collection.  As you can see I do have a shoe fetish.

Phone Pics 029


Finding a scent is very challenging. There are many choices to go to. And one scent can smell differently on another person than you. So when shopping for a perfume signature scent. Go by the nose. And the smell you like. And a smell that others compliment you on. The one scent that everyone smells on you should make you seem clean, and cheerful. Some scents can even get men sexually aroused to you. So wear that to a hot date with your man. But not out with the girl’s Wear a floral scent with girls around. And save the sexy stuff on your date nights. But make sure that scent is you.


Chapter 4:

Hair styling tips:

With Beautiful! Part 2. We will discuss even more about hair styling. Because hair is an ongoing topic. If your hair doesn’t look great. Your whole outfit can go wrong. The first thing a person looks at when you meet someone is your hair. If it’s clean, styled, and put together. Than you will make a stunning appearance. In Beautiful! Part. 1. We discussed long and short hair. Some down styles, and braids. Now we will discuss buns, curly hair, and straight hair.

Curly Hair:

There are many ways women curl their hair. Some use hot rollers, some use curling irons, and some get their hair permed. It’s all in a matter of preference. Usually when you curl your hair you want it to be soft locks and flowing.  When you get a perm. Make sure it’s with a stylist you trust. Because she knows what she is doing. And your comfortable with how she works on your hair.

Straight Hair:

When you want straight hair. You can achieve it with brushing and with a straightening wand. When my hair is wet it curls. But I usually just brush it straight. Sometimes I might use a straightening wand. But not always. Because it usually smooths out with the brush. The finished look is long, strong, straight, and healthy hair.


Buns are a good look when your going to work, interview, or evening party. They are sophisticated, and many women look beautiful when they have a bun in their hair. Make sure you stalk up on Bobbi pins.

Here is a bun tutorial in the picture below.

Section 3:

Inspirational Quotes from Historical Women:

Chapter 5:

There are many women in our history that make style and glamour to where it is today. If it wasn’t for these women we wouldn’t have culture. And women would go back to wearing hot heavy frumpy clothes. It is always good to take care of yourself and always look your best. And these women understand what all women face.

“And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” —Lady Gaga

“My look is attainable. Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses, and the little sleeveless dresses.” —Audrey Hepburn

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” —Bo Derek

“Big girls need big diamonds.” —Elizabeth Taylor

“Give a girl comfortable shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

Diana Vreeland

“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” —Karl Lagerfeld

I know that last one is from a man. But it speaks to me.


Chapter 6:

We are now here. And this concludes the book Beautiful! Part. 2. I hope you enjoyed it. I sure loved researching these topics. And I have learned a lot. I encourage you to read Beautiful! and Beautiful! Part. 2. With a happy and inspiration. Take care and have a great day. Beautiful!

The End!