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Anjalee Jadav

Beautiful Cover

Prologue: Letter from the Author

Dear Readers,

      I am proud to write a masterpiece of beauty, fashion, and hair. This book is the extensive guide to beauty. I have come to love makeup, clothes, style, and hair. Women are always sharing their advice in completing their look with style. In this book you will find knowledge of what to wear, makeup tutorials, and beauty.

     First I will discuss the history of beauty, fashion, and what make up is today. Then I will give tutorials in how to apply makeup. Tips on hair.  And well it’s a whole new world of beauty. Also I will include fitness for the body, mind, and soul. Because beauty is inside and out. What you get is the complete package.  So indulge with this knowledge and apply it to your everyday life.

Anjalee Jadav

Thank you for reading my book: Beautiful!


Anjalee Jadav,

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