Beautiful Cover

Prologue: Letter from the Author

Dear Readers,

      I am proud to write a masterpiece of beauty, fashion, and hair. This book is the extensive guide to beauty. I have come to love makeup, clothes, style, and hair. Women are always sharing their advice in completing their look with style. In this book you will find knowledge of what to wear, makeup tutorials, and beauty.

     First I will discuss the history of beauty, fashion, and what make up is today. Then I will give tutorials in how to apply makeup. Tips on hair.  And well it’s a whole new world of beauty. Also I will include fitness for the body, mind, and soul. Because beauty is inside and out. What you get is the complete package.  So indulge with this knowledge and apply it to your everyday life.

Anjalee Jadav

Thank you for reading my book: Beautiful!


Anjalee Jadav,

Section 1: The History of Beauty and Fashion

Chapter 1:

      Lipstick has been around for thousands of years. And in earliest prehistoric day’s they were made with fruits, and berries. It was first manufactured in the Middle East, North Africa and India, advanced manufacturing processes enabled mankind to finally start producing new kinds of lipsticks. Egypt followed this trend by creating lipstick from the cochineal beetle. It was made from their outer shells. Mesopotamian women made lipstick from gem stones, and they were worn for the most festive occasions.

      Although the early christians viewed makeup as Satanic. And the Catholic Church banned lipstick altogether.  They viewed that only prostitutes and low-class women wore lipstick. It was only brought back in the early 18th century by Queen Elizabeth the 1st. She wore red lipstick and face powder as a symbol of feminism. Still Christians didn’t see the importance of lipstick. And still looked down upon women wearing lipstick. And was not brought into society until the 20th century. Then the lipstick industry boomed. And every woman was wearing it. It was than more common for all women to wear lipstick. And now it is widely accepted and approved by society.

Queen Elizabeth the 1st

     Lipstick has moved on in producing different ingredients to make into a tube. Important properties of lipsticks are its color, opacity, fragrance, and dryness. The most basic ingredients of every lipstick are waxes, oils, and pigments.  Features such as fragrance, longevity and gloss will be added to enhance the product. Wether it’s a red staple color, to a shimmer gloss. I’m sure they don’t use the Cochineal beetle in all beauty products. I can’t imagine putting bugs on my mouth. But at least lipstick is now created using natural oils, and sence.

     Marilyn Monroe was a woman who commonly wore red lipstick. And she is the Queen of beauty. Her legacy was her makeup, hair, and clothes. In fact actresses and actors really made the makeup industry boom. Women and men were both using makeup for camera shots and stage presence. Even Elvis Presley wore makeup. And he’s the King of Rock n’ Roll.

      Walt Disney made an impression with makeup. In the hit movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s. Where Snow White was known to wear red lipstick and blue eye shadow. To demonstrate her beauty and feminism to society.  It was Walt Disney’s first animated film in his career. And it did wonderfully well in ratings. Snow White is still a hit even to this day. In fact it’s always in print and can be bought anywhere.

      Another hit movie was Grease, that had makeup as its theme. Olivia Newton John, who played Sandy. Wore blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick. And made everyone turn their heads in the last scene. While Rizzo, Frenchie, and Jan. All had their makeup and hair in style throughout the movie. I remember Frenchie with pink hair. And she made it look brilliant. Rizzo with a short bob, and Jan in pig tails. Even the T-Birds had product in their hair. Hence the name Grease. This movie was all about beauty and fashion and really is a staple. For the makeup and style industry.

       One thing is for sure, makeup is something to be worn by women of appropriate ages. Some families don’t allow their daughters to wear makeup until their teenager years. But others allow some makeup like lip gloss, and perfume in their early years. Asian women wear makeup at an early age. As a symbol of femininity. It represents womanhood. I feel it’s how you apply your makeup is all the difference. When I started using makeup. I would wear my mom’s makeup. Which was okay. But my shading was all wrong. My mom has pale white skin, and I have tanned skin. So when I applied some face powder. I looked lighter and two toned. It didn’t look too bad. Because it was very creatively done using brown tones, and blush to balance it out. I also remember the cover girl compacts the girls were carrying around in Junior High. I went to shop for one. And picked out a tan shade.

      My mom and dad sent me to a modeling school. Called Sincerely Sandra. Where they taught us how to apply makeup. And  I found out what colors I should have for my eye’s. Also I used foundation with sponges and applied it to my face, excitedly. The class learned how to apply blush properly. Using lip liner and lipstick in rosy shades. I looked like a young lady. And I still carry this into my adult life.

     Here is another Beauty question I seem to see in the makeup industry. Are you a natural or are you bold with your makeup?  Sometimes it is good to be a little of both. In the book: Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour. By Dita Von Teese.  I was debating wither if being natural is good. Dita is a makeup fanatic. She likes makeup. And she really woke me up to a world your makeup can be. I always considered myself as a natural. And the only time I go bold on makeup is Halloween.  But I know there are areas I can improve on. Like maybe doing the cat’s eye once in a while with my eye shadow. Or wear red lipstick when I go out to somewhere fancy. Maybe pay attention to my hair. Or curl my own hair and try some new hair styles. Makeup can be a girl’s best friend. And it does not mean that you are hiding yourself behind makeup. Never do your makeup for a man. Do your makeup for you. And use it as a tool for professional  etiquette. It’s how you present yourself to everyone who meets you. First impressions are important. And really can be wonderful if you know how to show yourself in company.

      The natural look: Is maybe doing a cat’s eye using brown, nude, pink, or grey color eye shadow. And then doing  a pink lip gloss. The bold look: Is doing a cat’s eye using colors such as blue, purple, silver, gold, and green. Then going with a red lipstick. For a more artistic approach. A little of both: Maybe you want to go bold with your eye’s and natural for your lips. Is up to you. As for your hair: Try things you never considered before. Never go outside with a wet head. After you are done with a shower. Allow time to set it, curl it, or straighten it. But never go anywhere without an unmade head.

      Makeup is a tool to create wonderful works of art. And really should be your best friend. Think outside the box. And you can create a person that people want to know. And people will see you as a person who takes time with how you look. And is ready for the show. Make your own Beauty Mark. It’s your one shot in life where you can turn heads. And people will say now that’s a classy girl.

We will discuss more makeup in the second section of this book. In how to complete your look.  Right now we are discussing history of makeup and fashion. To where it is today.  So you will appreciate your own story of beauty.

Chapter 2:

       Fashion has also evolved throughout the Earth’s existence. Even Adam and Eve wore some type of clothing with leaves and twigs. It was illustrated by many artists who do biblical references. Fashion went from robes to evening gowns throughout the course of history. Jeans did not come out until the late 1970’s. Jeans were worn by farmers, and were called Dungarees. They would plow their harvest and feed their animals in these jeans. So women usually wore corsets and long full gowns. Gowns are not the same today as it was back in the early 20th century. They were very strict in covering up. And staying modest. It was only until the movie Gone With the Wind. Women saw more formed fitted gowns. In America’s Civil War. You could clearly see they wore layers of undergarments  and corsets.

     The earliest swim suit was worn in Egypt. The Pharaoh’s wore Bikini’s (Or two pieces). And rapidly became popular in the Pharaoh’s kingdom. In the picture below it shows women in the early Roman days. Drawn in relics where they wear Bikini’s for gymnastic sports.

Parisian showgirl Micheline Bernardini modeled the new fashion, which Reard dubbed “bikini, On July 5, 1946, French designer Louis Reard unveiled a daring two-piece swimsuit at the Piscine Molitor, a popular swimming pool in Paris. And the Bikini became more of a swim sport type of clothing. Following this event in history.

With the look at today’s fashion. I can clearly say “I was born in the right era”. I think wearing all those layers of clothes would be hot. And it would be hard using the lady’s room. If you have to undress, all those layers. Just to do your business. Also, I do like to show a little skin. I own many dresses and short skirts. That show my legs. My legs are really nice. So I like to show them in their best quality. And I feel that fashion is still evolving. I’m not really a fan of crop tops. But I do see only certain women of physical appearance can pull them off.



Today’s fashion has it’s good and bad qualities. I feel some dresses seen on the red carpet can either be gorgeous, or absolutely ugly. I am a Fashion Police fan. And I do have to say some criticism in how stars dress. If they can do it. I can do it too. Come on we all have opinions and react to how people dress. There are a lot of sheer dresses. Some are repeated, when the stars are wearing pretty much the same dress. Some look beautiful. And some look really awful. You have to have the right figure for it. And if it is cut to the stars body right. Then they look good.

Another fashion trend is, the corset is making a come back. I own many corsets that shape me in a very sexy and flattering way. They make you look thin and very classy.  I wear them with skirts. And it’s good to take pictures in them. I don’t really walk down the street in them. But I will go to a fun party that you can dress up. Or a concert can be a good place to wear one. But make sure it wont pop open. Some have hooks in the front. And some don’t. I prefer the kind you can pull over your head. And to know it’s safe to be worn in public. You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction in the public.

     The Picture below is a selfie, wearing a black studded corset. That hooks in the front, and has a lace up back.

Corset pic

Men’s fashion also took an evolution in their style. If you watch Walking on Broken Glass music video, By Annie Lenox. They wore white wigs, and white stockings. With pants that came to their knee. It took place in the Medieval era. It was an era where men were more fashion conscious.  And they were exploring more about different fabrics. And masculine attire. If you see the king’s, dressed in robes. In fine fabric clothes. Men always have to appear dashing and handsome. George Washington wore this attire. And was always appearing on the $1.00 bill.  With how men dress today. In my era. Men wore baggy jeans that droop below their butts. And then they wear graphic t-shirts. I feel in time men go through a metamorphoses. They wear suits and ties on occasional events. Or if their work attire involves wearing a suit and tie. They will dress to impress the office environments. But other wise they put little effort into it. In regards to how women dress.

     The picture below is George Washington posing in a black trench coat. His hair was white. And he shows masculinity as America’s first president.

George Washington


The future of fashion is always changing. In the movie Back to the Future. The future looked too space aged. It does not have to be this way. I didn’t really like seeing the future scenes. I would like to see myself as a style staple for the future. Like, when wearing corsets, and short skirts. I hope to give a new revolution to how women can wear them.  And if my shirts and tops that are sheer. If you wear them with a kami top underneath. Sheer can be classy. And you don’t have to expose yourself to wear them.  It’s good to have some modesty in public.  Here’s a rule I like to follow. If you show your legs. Cover your cleavage, or stomach. If you show your stomach or cleavage. Cover your legs. Only have one asset to show. And the rest can be covered. If you follow this rule you will be respected in public. People will see you as stylish and classy.

Section 2: Make-up and Style Tutorials

Chapter 3:

     Here is the part you have been waiting for.  If you read this book from start to finish. You will get more out of it. If you skipped to this section then I can say.  You are missing out. But we will now discuss makeup and style tutorials. In how to complete your look. The first thing I will cover is underneath the makeup. Covering your whole body from head to toe.  So let’s make this fun! Gather your girlfriends. And have a Beauty party. Here you can gossip. And bond as women of the 22nd century.  Let’s begin!

We all want to look younger. And have healthy skin as we get into our 20’s. and up. I have been told that I look younger for my age. People are shocked that I tell them I’m 34. So here are my tips for younger and healthy skin.

1. Drinking water is the most important tip. It cleanses your body inside and out. You should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. It refreshes your skin. And gives a natural glow. It’s good for your organs too.  Try drinking water instead of soda and sugar filled drinks.  For the next 10 days. And you will feel the difference.

2. After you take a shower. Cleanse your face with a cleanser. When I finish my shower. I wash my face with a cleanser. Instead of the soap I use for the rest of my body. Don’t use the same soap on your face. As you do your body.

3. After you cleanse put a moisturizer. I use an anti aging moisturizer daily.

4. Do a facial mask once a week. Usually on the weekends. I use St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub Mask. But before you apply a mask. Cleanse your face first. Then following put the mask on. Read the instructions for how long you should leave it on. Some call for 5 min. and some 15 min. Then following put on an anti aging moisturizer.

5. Vitamin D. Is a good source to healthier skin. Go outside at 10:00 am, or 4:00 pm. (Without sunblock). That’s when the sun gives its vitamines.

6. And I don’t mean to nag. Don’t smoke. I know you’ve heard it before. But smoking makes premature wrinkles on your skin. And it thins your skin. Not to mention it’s really not good for you. So quit now. If you want to look younger.

7. Use a body lotion 3-4 days a week. Apply it after your skin is dry from taking a shower. Don’t apply to wet skin. It wont nourish your skin as good.

8. Sleep is also a good factor for younger skin. You should be sleeping 7-8 hours a night. While you sleep your skin refreshes itself.

9. Always wash your makeup off. Before you go to bed at night. This will prevent clogged pores. And your skin needs to breathe.

10. Put Sunblock on underneath your makeup. At least 30 Spf. Even if it’s rainy.


Now it’s always wise to have a trained dermatologist to do a facial. They will tell you what your skin type is. And if you have an outbreak, or a black head problem. It’s good to know your flaws. So you can correct them. If they sell you high-priced products. Shop around and see if you can find a product that does the same thing, for less. But if it is a product that is reliable and dependable then invest.  Nobody has the perfect skin. There will always be something to give attention to.


Also having a professional massage can be beneficial. If you have back aches or knots. It is advised to get a professional massage. To get the kinks out. It may hurt the first sessions. But if you regularly get a massage. It will feel relaxing and soothing. It’s good to have your organs feeling healthy and relaxed. Tension can create problems if you let it go too long. So take care of this luxury. But also find a masseuse that you like. I had a bad experience once. Where I could feel the bone digging into my back. So if they hurt too much. Find someone else. You do not have to see the same person. Shop around for the best one to your needs.



Since it’s the beginning of sandal season. I have researched a common problem in women and men. Known as callous (or cracked heels). We are embarrassed when our feet don’t look good. We all want smooth heels on the bottom of your feet. I went to get my pedicure done . And the lady said I should get pedicures more often. I was embarrassed. So I looked up some home remedies to heal your heels. Once and for all. And it will save you money. Here it is

1. Honey is a healing ingredient. Take 1 cup honey. And pour into a foot bucket with warm water. Then soak your feet a good 30 min, and buff your feet with a heel buffer. You can get a buffer at Target or Wal-Mart. Do this twice a month. And you should see a difference.

2. A Healing Foot Scrub  made with honey, milk, and orange juice. Did wonders for my feet. I tried it last night and this morning. And my feet look so much smoother. So take 1 cup honey, and warm it for about 20 sec. in the microwave. Then pour the honey into a container (with a lid). And take 1 Tablespoon milk, and half a teaspoon orange juice. And mix it in with the honey.  Apply it 1 to 2 times a day to your feet. For 30 – 45 minutes, then wash it off. It will be a bit messy. But I can see a difference in my feet. And you will be happy with the results. (store it in the fridge, should last up to 30 days.)

3. If you feel that the Healing Foot Scrub is too messy. I have  another cream that you can make. It’s less greasy and wont stain.  Ingredients: Vitamin E Skin Cream ( buy it at the 99 cent store).  2 Bottles of Johnson’s Baby lotion, ( the yellow kind). And 1 jar of Blue Magic ( you can find it at Wal-Mart in the hair section). This makes a big batch. So save all containers. To store the mixture in. Now in a mixing bowl. Combine all ingredients. And beat with an electric beater. Make sure it is blended and fluffy.  After done mixing. Apply the cream to your feet 1 – 2 times a day. And sleep with your socks on. Should see results after two weeks. It heals the cracks and makes your feet soft and smooth. Also can be applied to elbows if you have dry elbows.

4. Olive oil is also a good healing remedy for cracked heels. Take 1 cup Olive oil, and pour it into a foot bucket, with warm water. Soak your feet for 30 min. And buff with a heel buffer.  Try this twice a month. Sleep with your socks on.

Chapter 4:


      I want to discuss finding the right Foundation for your skin. Today’s market in beauty. Has really evolved to making all kinds of options. For white, olive, tan, brown, or yellow. First we need to know what your skin type is. So take a cosmetic blot paper, lens tissue, or rice paper. And press on a cleansed face. If it does not show any wet spots. Means you have dry or normal skin. If it shows wet spots you have oily skin. So when you shop for a foundation or press powder. Look for a product that says it specifically for your skin type.

  1. When trying to find the right color for your face. Apply it on your jaw line. (Not your wrist or back of your hand). If you try it on your jaw line. It will diminish the appearance of a line. And avoids appearing two toned. If it blends in with the jaw line. It will look like your natural color.
  2. Some women go for high-priced makeup. But price is really just a price. Wither you spend $5.00 or $50.00. It really does the same thing. It just has a fancy name and a very beautiful model on the cover. Don’t fall for it. The model is touched up too. And she may not even use the brand she’s selling.
  3. Some good brands that I know that are good. And don’t test on animals are: Pure Minerals Makeup, Almay, Miracle Skin Transformer,  and Liz Claiborne Cosmetics.
  4. Some women have different skin tones throughout the year. They may be tan in summer, and white in the winter. So you can have more than one color. So when shopping for a different shade. Always apply it to your jaw line.  And when you see it in the sun light. It will give the best light to determine your skin tones color. If the make up counter lets you test a product. Go outside where it is sunny. And see your face in the correct lighting.
  5. Are you more of a liquid or powder girl. I go for combination of both. So it has foundation and powder in one. Because I’m not caking it on. And it takes shorter time when you apply your makeup.


After finished applying my foundation. While moving to the eye’s. I match the colors to what I’m wearing, and where I will be that day. If I’m going to work. I would do a more natural color. And I would match the coloring to the colors of my clothes. But if I’m going out with the girl’s, or going to a party or concert. I would go bold. Also holiday’s are good to go bold on. Especially on Halloween or Christmas. When applying eye shadow I follow this one rule. Point your chin up and look down. With your mouth open. This makes you able to apply eye makeup smoothly, every time. First it is eye concealor, eye shadow, then eye liner, then mascara. ( I love Wet n’ Wild mascara and liner. It’s waterproof.)  And here you can be as creative as possible. You can do a cat’s eye. Or, the smokey eye.

      Below are pics of tutorials in how to apply your eye makeup. The first one is the cat’s eye. And the second demo is more of a Smokey Eye.

Smokey eye shadowSmokey Eye 2


Women’s eyebrows are essential to their character. The way they are shaped can define your style. Asian and middle eastern women have thick bushy brows. And just need to upkeep their shape by waxing, threading, or plucking. The first times you try any of these methods. It will hurt. But after you get them done regularly.  You hardly notice it. Also you can pencil them in with eyebrow pencils. To give the appearance of thicker brows. If you want more brows. Some women don’t have brows. And can easily create more brow with an eyebrow pencil. Makeup is an illusion. That is why makeup is an art. Where you can really be as creative as you want.


Finding a great professional eyebrow waxer is a challenge. Some eye designers take off too much. And can make it so your eye brows not grow hair. My mom had her eyebrows waxed. And they took off too much. She says she still has to pencil them in. And the hair wont grow back. So make sure you do your research. You want clean, crisp, and shaped brows. Waxing is the procedure of putting wax on a waxing strip. And placing it on an area where it needs to remove unwanted hair. When the waxing strip is placed on the area. They wait for like 5 seconds. Then they rip it off. It will sting a little. But the sting will go away after 3 seconds. After they are done they will put baby oil or powder to take the sting away. There may be some redness afterwards. But it will go away after a day.

Now eyebrows are just one area where you can wax. There are other areas. If you want to try waxing. They can wax your armpits, arm hair, legs, bikini area, and upper lip. If you think you can handle it. You’re in for a real treat. The most painful area in my opinion. Are the legs. But it is an investment that is worth it.


Eyebrow threading is an art originated from India. Like waxing. They take thread and they remove unwanted hair on your eyebrows. It feels like they cut your hair off by twisting it and plucking the hair.  It’s less painful than waxing. I had it done many years ago. It is an exciting feeling. And your brows are shaped into a beautiful arch.


Plucking is a procedure done by many women. I prefer waxing over plucking. But that’s my choice. In my opinion plucking is old-fashioned. And I feel that there are other procedures better than plucking. This procedure is done by plucking, with tweezers, each hair one by one. And they are plucked into the shape you want your brows to be.


Picking out a blush color can be tricky. There are so many colours to choose from. Narrow it down to 2 colours. One can be a rosy colour, and the other maybe a peach, champagne, or tan colour. It should be a little lighter than your skin tone. Not like foundation, when you blend it to your skin tone. You can go lighter, and make it look like you have sun-kissed cheeks.

Colors for your skin tone:

Light skin: Use champagne or peach.

Medium skin: Use rose, or peach. Do not use champagne. Because it will make you look washed out.

Dark skin: Use rose or tan. Again do not use champagne or shimmer. It will make you look washed out.

After you pick a color. And use it for the first time. Apply the color to the apple of your cheeks and blend back toward the temple.  Whether you choose liquid or powder form is completely up to you and really is a matter of what you are more comfortable using.


Lips are my favorite part of makeup. You have so many shades to choose from. When I was young. My aunt would let me try her lipstick. I looked good in her shades. Because we have the same skin tone. I even remember using black lipstick. To a shimmer gloss. And she said I look good in all colors. The colours I go for are rose, red, deep browns. But for a bold look I go for midnight blue, and black. Also many glosses for a more natural look. Experimenting with colours for lips. More so than eye’s. My lips are defined and pout. I have a certain smile at the corners of my mouth. So I like the way my lips look. A lot of girl’s in this era. Try to make their lips bigger. Some draw over their lip line. And make them look bigger. But others go as far as getting lip injections to make them bigger. I don’t need to. Because my lips are nice.

Colours for your skin tone:


You may have more than one skin tone. When shopping for lipstick. Perhaps you are tan in the summer. And light in the winter. So you can experiment. I have medium skin in the winter. And dark tan in the summer. So I can have a variety to choose from.  You have so many options when it comes to lipstick.

The first picture below, is a natural look. I would normally do my makeup like this. The second picture is a selfie of a bold look. Notice the Midnight Blue lipstick.




 Chapter 5:


Moving along I will now include shaving your legs. Dita Von Teese, mentioned of using hair conditioner to shave your legs. I tried it. And the razor smoothly glides along my legs. Making them soft.  I use a Venus razor. I don’t get cuts when I use them. I tried Bic razors. But they are too sharp for me. And made me bleed. So Venus is better to use.

As for shaving your Bikini line. It is good to have your lady parts groomed, and trimmed. Just shape it up. So when you wear a Bikini. You wont have hair showing.


Always upkeep your finger and toe nails. Pinterest is a great source to try different designs. I have had manicure’s and pedicure’s so many times. I can do them myself. So I have a more trained ability. But always find time. Once a week to do your nails. Remove your polish, if you have polish on. And clip, file,  and buff them. Then pick out a nail colour. And plan a design. You may just want one solid color, other times you may want a design. Like a red base, and silver tips. Or you may just enjoy  having no polish. Just having them buffed. It’s good to let your nails breathe. And it keeps your nails from turning yellow. Then apply a clear base coat. Before polish, then let dry a few seconds. To avoid smearing. Then go to work on your nails. To whatever you want them to be. Then apply a clear top coat. And dry them. Sit and relax a good 15 minutes. Without touching anything. Do not take a shower afterwards. It will peel the polish off.

Chapter 6:


Hair styling is an art. Wether you get styled in a salon. Or if you styled it yourself. Your hair is an important part of completing your look. You can wear it down, straighten, perm it,  or curl it. You can braid it, put it in a bun, or dye it. There are so many options in styling your hair. Even the classic pony tail can give you a sporty look. Wether you have long or short hair. A good hair day is the best feeling. And you want everyday to be a good hair day.

Long Hair:

Having long hair for most of my life. I have thick, natural black hair. I have a natural wave to my hair. So it’s easy to curl. In fact my hair is said to be my best feature according to men. I was blessed with Indian hair.  If you are like me and was blessed with long hair. Then you should know. That you have to upkeep it. By going to the salon. Every 3 – 6 months. For trims, and styling. This makes the growth of your hair healthy.  And you need to make sure your split ends don’t get out of control. Because long hair tangles when the split ends are not maintained. And will create knots. If you have knots and can’t maintain it. Cut your hair short. And when your hair grows long. It wont tangle. Because you get rid of all those split ends. And it is the same length.

Short Hair:

Having short hair gave me a confidence boost. In fact having short hair I received my driver’s license. It gave me such a confidence boost. That it made me independent. It is such a liberating feeling when long-haired people cut their hair to short. But with short hair it is less maintenance. And it never tangles.  I had a short pixie cut for three years. And I received many compliments from women of all ages.



Wearing your hair down can be creative. There are many ways it can be styled. And doesn’t have to be the same everyday. You want variety. And being spontaneous with your hair. Will give you an extra bounce in your step.

This is a style that required, curling with a curling iron, and a lot of teasing. To give it the volume and body it had.


The pulled back half pony tail. Lets you pull your hair off your face. And it is still down in the back.

Bella Halloween Costume

This hair style is cut in layers. And curled with a curling iron. Try getting layers done. To give your hair an extra style boost.


This is me with short hair.  I had some bangs, and curled the ends under. This is a good short hair, in a down style.

Short Hair

This is a down look. With a simple barrette on the side. To give it a little something extra. It adds accessory to your hair. 

hair styling pic


French Braid Tutorial: French braids are very pretty. It is very classy. And really should be introduced to everyone. They are tricky to create. If you can’t manage to do your own. Have someone else braid it for you.  My hair is so thick. That it took several hours to braid. Plus if your shoulders hurt. By pulling your arms over back of your head. Have someone do it for you. No one has to know who did it. It’s the look that counts.

Here is a diagram of doing a french braid. Remember no one has to know who did it. It’s the look that counts.

The Katniss Everdeen Braid Tutorial:

Our beloved Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen’s signature braid. Is very beautiful. In fact it’s easier than the french braid.  In my opinion. But still has a bold style that is classic. Below is a step by step diagram in how to create this braid.

Katniss Everdeen Braid Tutorial

Very proud that I am able to do this braid. With practice you will get better. If you can’t do it your first time. Try again. The second time I tried it. I got it down. So just follow the diagram. And you’ll be fine.

The katniss Everdeen Braid 2

Section 3: Fitness for the Mind, Body, and Soul:

Chapter 7:

I have said it before in my writing. That if you love body. And keep it healthy. You will be wherever you go. And whatever you wear. This topic is about loving your body. And the true meaning of loving your body.

To love your body, you gotta love everything about it. Even your flaws make you who you are. To see a true reflection of who you are. Is to accept you as you are. When you put on that dress, or your favorite jeans. Say to yourself I am a beautiful woman who deserves love and to be loved. Respect your curves. And say I was created for a purpose. I am here to make a difference.  I eat and exercise to keep myself at it’s best. It’s not to or even gain weight. It’s about being the best I can be. Some women go through life feeling depressed, sad, and hated. But I am here to say. That I know how it feels when you’re at your lowest. I know how it feels to be betrayed by a friend. And I know how it feels when people expect so much for you. That you put their needs instead of your own. But instead I am here to say. Do something for you. Smile, at the world. And say I’m still alive! And I’m not giving up. I live my own dreams. And no one can stop me from achieving the dreams I have. Keeping a healthy mind is about keeping your thoughts strong. So in your toughest times. You are the one still standing in the end.

Let the sun shine through your smile. Fill your heart with the love of God. Because he loves you as you are. He made you. And he makes no mistakes. Let him take you by the hand. And let him show you how much he loves you. And don’t forget it.


With a journal. Whenever I begin a new routine. I keep track of my progress. So here is your tips in keeping a fitness diary 101.

1. If you start a new type of exercise Say Zumba, kettle bell, or Jillian Micheal’s workouts. Take a photo from day 1. Then as you keep it up the following month’s. Take pictures of your progress. And set your goal. Like I want a Bikini Body.

2. Keep a food diary. Or join It’s a free web site. That your food intake. And counts your calories. It uses graph’s of your progress in its software.

3. Don’t over do it your first week. Start out and then build up to a regular everyday routine. Start out 3-4 day’s a week. With a rest day in between. Say you exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

4. Okay. So you say I don’t have time for a routine. I’ve got work, kids, husband, etc. Well stop making excuses. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. I do workout video’s or Cd’s at home all the time. And most of them are only 30 min. workouts. Even if it’s taking a walk with your dog still burns more calories.

5. Now back to the food diary. Write down everything you eat and drink. Including water. This will give you insight of what you’re doing wrong. And make corrections to your diet. 

7.  When you come to the point where it’s been half a year of your routine. Take a picture. And compare them to your first pic. Make a Before and After chart with your pics. And share them with your friends. They will think. What’s your secret?

8. Then the following month’s to a year. Take another photo. And see the new you! You will feel so much confidence, you’re in smaller sizes, and you get compliments. And you smile more. You’ll stare at that photo. And you will love to see what you did in 1 year.

This is the best way I know how to keep a diary. It’s better than a diet. It isn’t so strict. And you can make it work for you. I hope this motivated you to become a healthier version of you. And don’t forget. Love your body. And it will love you back. <3


Bikini Body 4


Meditation is very good for your soul. Yoga is a great way to relax, and clear out any negativity. Even some short breathing exercises. Can improve the brains function. To communicate with your organs throughout the body.

Meditational Breathing Exercise:

Turn off your TV, don’t look at your phone, and get off your computer. Read this first of course and then proceed. With the Meditational Exercises.

Laying down or sitting in a chair. Close your eye’s and take one long inhale, through the nose. Hold your breath in the count of 5. And exhale through the mouth slowly. Do this 5 times. After you do this, clear your mind of all thoughts. Relax.

Do this regularly. And you will find peace in your everyday life. Because where there is peace. There is less stress. And we want to keep our stress levels down. Stress can be a problem if you don’t get it treated. If you do these meditational sessions at least 5 minutes. Before you go to bed. You will be so much happier. And Beautiful!

Chapter 8:

Well it’s been a fun journey writing about beauty and style. I have learned a lot in this topic. And I hope that all of you got some meaningful feedback. This was my journey, and I brought to you. The Complete Guide to Beauty.  So read everything! Don’t just skip! You will get more out of it. And please share with your friends. Of what you have learned. I’m so proud to write this masterpiece: Beautiful!

The End!