It has been my best year of writing. It has been one year since I opened this blog page. And I’ve truly reached success. I wrote about 47 articles and stories. I have written 3 novels that have reached very good views. My page has surpased my expectations of total views. I recieved very good feedback. And now you can expect more to come. This year has been reviewed as a new stepping stone to the world of writing. What you can expect this coming year. Is new articles. And I have been brainstorming about a series I am going to write. As long with a book on Beauty and Fashion. What I would like more this next year. Is more feedback from my readers. Don’t be afraid to comment and like my articles and stories. You can expect more to come. So thank you all for viewing my work. I am very happy with my success as a writer. And I’m going to find ways that can get all of you to read my work. Thanks again. And have a great day!