Since it’s the beginning of sandal season. I have researched a common problem in women and men. Known as callous (or cracked heels). We are embarrassed when our feet don’t look good. We all want smooth heels on the bottom of your feet. I went to get my pedicure done . And the lady said I should get pedicures more often. I was embarrassed. So I looked up some home remedies to heal your heels. Once and for all. And it will save you money. Here it is

1. Honey is a healing ingredient. Take one  1/2 cup honey. And pour into a foot bucket with warm water. Then soak your feet a good 30 min, and buff your feet with a heel buffer, or pumas stone. You can get a buffer at Target or Wal-Mart. Do this twice a month. And you should see a difference. Also sleep with your socks on.

2. A Healing Foot Scrub  made with honey, milk, and orange juice. Did wonders for my feet. I tried it last night and this morning. And my feet look so much smoother. So take 1 cup honey, and warm it for about 20 sec. in the microwave. Then pour the honey into a container (with a lid). And take 1 Tablespoon milk, and half a teaspoon orange juice. And mix it in with the honey.  Apply it 1 to 2 times a day to your feet. For 30 – 45 minutes, then wash it off. And you will be happy with the results. (store it in the fridge, should last up to 30 days.)

3. Olive oil is also a good healing remedy for cracked heels. Take one 1/2 cup Olive oil, and pour it into a foot bucket, with warm water. Soak your feet for 30 min. And buff with a heel buffer, or pumice stone.  Try this twice a month. Sleep with your socks on.

Well there you have it. Try these Home Remedies. And your feet will look beautiful.