Anjalee Jadav

In this topic I am discussing swim suits. And finding the right suit for your shape. Lets face it you may not have the perfect body. Or the Victoria Secret Model body. But you don’t have to. Whatever shape or size. You can still find the right suit. I’ll help you shop.

1. There are many different shapes that everyone has. What are your best assets? Do you have nice legs? Do you have nice abs? Or, are you more full-figured? I have a decent body. I have curves in the right places. I just wish I could tone up more. But before you shop for a suit. Ask yourself this. Do you want a bikini or a full suit? Do you like the kind that have a built-in skirt?

2. Bikini shopping tips I include is. If you want to show yourself in a bikini I think you are very brave. And…

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