Here is another Beauty question I seem to see in the make up industry. Are you a natural or are you bold with your make up?  Sometimes it is good to be a little of both. I just got done reading Your Beauty Mark: Guide to Eccentric Glamour. By Dita Von Teese. While reading it I was debating wither if being natural is good. Dita is a make up fanatic. She likes make up. And she really woke me up to a world your make up can be. I always considered myself as a natural. And the only time I go bold on make up is Halloween. So after reading Dita Von Teese’s Beauty advice. I am thinking of ways I can improve my make up regime. Well for starters I am not a model or a showgirl. So I don’t have to be as bold as Dita. But I know there are areas I can improve on. Like maybe doing the cat’s eye once in a while with my eye shadow. Or wear red lipstick when I go out to somewhere fancy. Maybe pay attention to my hair. Or curl my own hair and try some new hair styles. Make up can be girl’s best friend. And it does not mean that you are hiding yourself behind make up. Never do your make up for a man. Do your make up for you. And use it as a tool for professional  etiquette. It’s how you present yourself to everyone who meets you. First impressions are important. And really can be wonderful if you know how to show yourself in company. So back to the question. Are you a natural or are you bold?

  1. The natural look: Is maybe doing a cat’s eye using brown, nude, pink, or grey color eye shadow. And then doing  a pink lip gloss.
  2. The bold look: Is doing a cat’s eye using colors such as blue, purple, silver, gold, and green. Then going with a red lipstick. For a more artistic approach.
  3. A little of both: Maybe you want to go bold with your eye’s and natural for your lips. Is up to you.
  4. As for your hair: Try things you never considered before. Never go outside with a wet head. After you are done with a shower. Allow time to set it, curl it, or straighten it. But never go anywhere without an unmade head.

Make up is a tool to create wonderful works of art. And really should be your best friend. Think outside the box. And you can create a person that people want to know. And people will see you as a person who takes time with how you look. And is ready for the show. Make your own Beauty Mark. It’s your one shot in life where you can turn heads. And people will say now that’s a classy girl.