Here is a subject that I know is important. How you eat in public restaurants, is crucial in how men see you. If you go on a dinner date. It’s how you eat and carry yourself through that date. If you both choose on a restaurant always smile, and say please and thank you. To everyone that interacts with you. From the hostess, waiter, and date. Here we go!

  1. Once seated and given a menu. Look at the food within mid-price range. I usually go for under $10.00 when I order my food. But if you’re at a fancy restaurant. Go for under $12.00. And if it comes with a salad, and side options. See what he’s ordering. You want to order something equal to his.
  2. Drink no more than 2 glasses of wine, or cocktail. Do not get drunk! Especially if it’s your first date. And ask for water on the side. Remember no more than 2 drinks!
  3. As you are served your food,cut as you go. If eating chicken, or steak. Cut and then eat. If you cut as you go. It will make you seem polite and not rushing the date. You are taking your time.
  4. As for conversation try not to smack your lips while talking to him. If you can. Talk when you are done swallowing and your mouth is empty.
  5. Do not look at your phone while eating. It’s very rude to the restaurant and date.
  6. As your date progresses. They may ask you if you want dessert and boxes for left overs. Always take the box. Because it’s very sad to waste food. You can save the rest for later. If he insists on dessert. Order one.
  7. Then the last tip is the Bill. It’s okay to let him pay if it’s your first date. It’s usually good manners to let him pay and be the provider.

Well here are my tips on The Dinner Date. Hope you learned something! Until next time!;-)