Today I want to discuss finding the right Foundation for your skin. Today’s market in beauty. Has really evolved to making all kinds of options. For white, olive, tan, brown, or yellow. First we need to know what your skin type is. So take a cosmetic blot paper, lens tissue, or rice paper. And press on a cleansed face. If it does not show any wet spots. Means you have dry or normal skin. If it shows wet spots you have oily skin. So when you shop for a foundation or press powder. Look for a product that says it specifically for your skin type.

  1. When trying to find the right color for your face. Apply it on your jaw line. (Not your wrist or back of your hand). If you try it on your jaw line. It will diminish the appearance of a line. And avoids appearing two toned. If it blends in with the jaw line. It will look like your natural color.
  2. Some women go for high-priced makeup. But price is really just a price. Wither you spend $5.00 or $50.00. It really does the same thing. It just has a fancy name and a very beautiful model on the cover. Don’t fall for it. The model is touched up too. And she may not even use the brand she’s selling.
  3. Some good brands that I know that are good. And don’t test on animals are: Pure Minerals Makeup, Almay, Miracle Skin Transformer,  and Liz Claiborne Cosmetics.
  4. Some women have different skin tones throughout the year. They may be tan in summer, and white in the winter. So you can have more than one color. So when shopping for a different shade. Always apply it to your jaw line.  And when you see it in the sun light. It will give the best light to determine your skin tones color. If the make up counter lets you test a product. Go outside where it is sunny. And see your face in the correct lighting.
  5. Are you more of a liquid or powder girl. I go for combination of both. So it has foundation and powder in one. Because I’m not caking it on. And it takes shorter time when you apply your makeup.

So here are my tips in finding the right foundation for your skin. I hope this helped you. And happy shopping! 🙂