December is already here. It goes by so fast, that you get overwelmed. But to ease the tension. Here is the new Winter Style guide for the year 2015.

  1. This years color sceme is winter white, red, silver, and mistle toe green. In this past fall the color was plum (or deep red, or maroon). So the right shade of red this year is more brighter. Almost shiney. But I have seen a lot of winter white. So the main color is winter white. Winter white can be matched with black. Especially if it’s velvet fabrics.
  2. After the Thanksgiving holiday. We see Black Friday deals. All weekend long. I also know that most stores like Amazon has Black Friday sales all month long for the month of November. So Amazon is the first place to shop. If you want to avoid the crowded strip malls.
  3. But if your like me. I don’t shop on Black Friday. I do the Christmas tree on Black Friday. Then I wait the following week to do more shopping.
  4. This year can be different. A lot of families can’t afford gifts. And November and December credit scores drop for over spending on credit cards. So this year I said I am not going to charge my credit cards. I’m making more of an effort to pay down balances. And save money. Then with my saved money I want to do more traveling. So this year my family is going on a family vacation to the Carribean.
  5. Like I said a lot of families can’t buy gifts for the Holidays. So go through your closet and get rid of any clothes you do not wear, or out grown. There are also clothes bins around that recycle clothes that are worn. They are located usually near a grocery store. Look around you’ll find them if you look for them. Then donate your old clothes and give back to people that need clothes.
  6. Think about it for every 4 shirts you give away, you can buy 4 new shirts to make room in your closet. My closet is packed. And I have already begun going through my closet and trying things on. And have seperated them to give away.
  7. Also scarves and gloves are in season. So give your outfits a little more effort. And you will be a classy and stylish girl.

There you have it. This is my Winter Style Guide for the year 2015! Happy Holiday’s!


Christmas card photo