Do you have a difficult memory of past relationships? Or have you stopped talking to a friend that said hurtful things about you? Even if you don’t get an apology from an old friend. Or you still have a lump in your throat. About a hard memory. Now is the time to free yourself, in forgiving them. Why should you forgive them? No body is perfect. And it is not good to feel grudges for a long period of time. Here’s how to free yourself. From a hard memory.

  1. Write a letter ( but do Not send it). It is for your eye’s only. Here you can let out your frustrations. And say what is on your mind. Get every thought of that person on paper. Or write a journal entry about that painful memory. And get your thoughts out.
  2. You can either burn it, or bury the letter or journal entry.
  3. Then say your sorry for being selfish at the time. And free your mind of these harsh thoughts.

The rewards you will receive as soon as you let go of that memory or friend. The sooner you will receive the blessings of having a clear conscience. And more good can come into your life. Then your spirit will feel more room to grow. And you will feel happier, and lighter. Then if you should see that person again in the future. Greet them with a friendly hello! And it will be like water under the bridge. They may not even remember what they did that got you so upset. And maybe you can be friends again. If you feel that door is safe to open again. Then do it. But if you have mixed feelings about seeing them again. Then keep them at a distance. Be cordial. But also smarter about how you interact with them. They may even apologize. Since they probably miss talking to you. And you may repair an old friendship that used to be good when it started. I hope this helped you. And good luck in all your friendships.