If you are a daughter of a very protective family. It can be difficult to date. I have good parents. But sometimes they can be overbearing. They mean well. But sometimes it feels like I have to experience life for myself. So if you’re like me. Here is your guide to deal with overbearing parents.

  1. They just want to protect you from getting hurt. But just show some maturity and still obey them when they ask you things. Get their permission if you can date a certain guy. And say give this one a chance. I feel he is special to me. And we make a great friendship. Be honest with them.
  2. Give it time. If you’re dad see’s that this guy is sticking around. And you’ve been dating for many years. Then he might suggest that you marry him. I knew a girl in college. With an overbearing dad. But she said if he sticks around for a long time. Your dad will soften up.
  3. Not only do you have to make peace with your parents. You still have to make peace with his family too. So watch your actions all the time. When people see you at restaurants. Say please and thank you. Then the word of mouth will be that your polite.
  4. Read my article titled: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Meeting His Parents. To refresh your memory. If he decides to Bring You Home.
  5. Again it’s all in a matter of time. Just let the relationship blossom. Plant the seeds and watch them grow.

I hope this helped you. And Happy Dating!