This question came to me today. As one of my readers asked. Okay. So if you’ve been dating this guy. And you get excited about a promising commitment. But then all of a sudden. He puts the breaks on you. And slows down. Here’s my advice.

  1. He just needs to take a breathe or too. He needs to feel that you are the girl for him. So instead you should also maybe slow down too. And think about your future with him.
  2. Maybe sit down with him and tell him what would make an ideal marriage for him.? Make a list together of your negotiables. Kind of like a pre-nup. But more on the positive side. When I think of pre-nups I think it’s been a negative thing to go through. Because it tells him you don’t fully trust him.  And that your after his money.
  3. Make a Happily Ever After List. What is it that he has always wanted when he was a boy? And what his dreams are? What are his goals in life? What does he fear? What are his fantasies? What is his reality? These are some questions to ask him and you can always add your own questions to make it more personal.
  4. Then he’ll be more comfortable about making a commitment with you.  I hope this helped you. And good luck!