Fashion Tips

The New Fall Style Guide for this Season:

Here we are it is September. And it’s going to start getting cold and the fashion this year is changing. So here is the new style guide.

  1. The color palette for this year is plum, gold, grey, and tan. If you put these solid colors together. It will give an Autumn feel to the season.
  2. When I think of Fall I think Golden leaves, and hot chocolate. So to create a Fall outfit. I have paired these colors together to make a welcome to the new season.
  3. Also it’s going to be boot weather soon. So get out your boots, and polish them.
  4. Also pick out your Halloween Costumes. It’s just around the corner. And there will be parties approaching.
  5. Make sure you know how to make an entrance. And be a hostess at a party. Wither you are invited to one, or host your  own.
  6.  Also it will be coat and sweater weather to. So bundle up when the nights get chilly.
  7.  You also can wear scarves with your outfits. It’s the end of summer. And scarves are Fall accessories.
  8. Also skirts are going to be longer for the fall. Knee high skirts are in.
  9. And also look for pumpkin patterns in clothes and accessories.
  10. Some people like skulls. My favorite skeleton is Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. So if you see him in any type of clothing. Get it.

Well there you have it. My Fall Style Guide for the year 2015.

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