So when we have fights with our boyfriend. It leaves women vulnerable. We feel hurt. And our heart stings. So here are my tips to keeping an honest relationship when you two are having fight.

  1. Never tell your girl friend’s what you are fighting about. They will gossip about you. And tell your business.
  2. If he leaves for a while. Take a shower. It will relax you. And you will relieve stress.
  3. Then bake him a chocolate cake. And make sure you put the secret ingredient called love into the cake.
  4. When he comes home. Put on some lingerie and wait for him. As soon as he comes in the door. Give him a kiss. And say. I’m sorry if I’m being a spoiled brat. But you make me feel like a princess. So I can’t help but to feel a little needy at times. Please forgive me.
  5. Then he will make up with you. And have an amazing night together. I hope this helped you. And Peace!