The first thing I have to say. You Rock! If you are dating a musician. Then you know where I’m coming from. If you managed to keep a rock star’s interest. Then you are a cool girl. Join me today to give you tips in being a rock star’s girlfriend.

  1. Be Rock. Here I mean, you need to have energy. And an aura that is magnetic. He needs to see the rock star in you.  Get to know his music interests. And know what music he hates.  Then you can create a bond that connects you to him. If he see’s that you made an effort to know his music interests. Then you will open the doors to his heart.
  2. Be real. Every rock star says you need to be real. Just be loyal to him. And support his career. When you see him on stage in front of other girl’s. Know that he knows what kind of girl you are. Don’t get jealous. Let them have their fun. You started out like these other girl’s. But if he see’s you as a down to earth girl. That knows he’s coming home to you. Then you don’t need to worry about him, with other girls. It’s part of the show and to entertain everyone that is there to listen to his music.
  3. If you’re dating the lead singer. Well that’s a tough spot to fill. But if you managed to be on the list. That’s good. Do you melt when you hear his voice. When he gives those puppy dog eye’s and kisses you. Do you go into a trance?
  4. The only thing about dating singer’s is they tend to be player’s. So Don’t fall for him. Unless you get an incentive if he pursues you on a regular basis. And insists on you being with him.
  5. If you’re dating the lead guitarist or bassist.  They tend to be the more faithful one’s. They love a girl who knows the strings to his heart. They love it when you have taste in music. And if you know his music he will be honored by you.
  6. If you’re dating the drummer. They tend to be the funny one of the group. So yes. Laugh at all his good jokes. And if he freaks you out with an unexpected surprise. You know he digs you.
  7. And when you date a musician pick up a musical instrument. They will bond with you more if they know they can jam with you.  Don’t be shy with an instrument. We all learn them with practice. So if you’re not confident enough to play with him yet. Watch how he does it. He might teach you.

There you have it. These are my tips in being a rock star’s girlfriend. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time! <3