Today’s topic is about midnight snacking.  And which foods are good that wont make you gain weight.  In this list I’ll tell you which food’s are good. And which to avoid.

First I have to say it’s not proven that you shouldn’t eat past 8:00 pm. If your hungry during the night. And have trouble falling asleep. Here are some foods that are okay to eat during those late hours at night.

  1. Non-fat Greek yogurt- This food will make you sleep better at night. It will calm your stomach, and will make you feel full.
  2. String Cheese- If you eat 1 serving of string cheese. It will curb your growling stomach. It’s only  80 calories. And you will have a restful sleep.
  3. Banana-  1 banana is a stimulant that helps you sleep. It has potassium, It’s good for your bones, and curbs your appetite.
  4. Baby carrots- Because they are crunchy. If you crave something that has a crunch in its bite. It triggers your brain to be satisfied.  And will curb your growling stomach.  Which means a restful sleep.
  5. Also don’t skip dinner. If you eat protein ( like chicken) for your main dish. With green veggies like broccoli. It will make you fuller longer.  So it will keep you from bingeing during the night.
  6. White meat turkey slices- You will sleep better if you eat turkey before bed. But only 2 slices should do the trick.  It’s the reason why we feel tired on Thanksgiving after eating the feast.

Now here’s a list of foods to avoid:

  1. Chocolate- Chocolate has caffeine in it. And will trigger the brain to a sleepless night.
  2. Coffee and Soda- Is another caffeine stimulant. If it’s non-caffeinated, should be a better choice.
  3. Nuts- Nuts are fat. People think that they are a healthy option. But during the night. It will turn into stomach fat.
  4. Cow’s milk- Before bed is really bad. It aways turns into fat, during sleep. ( Try Almond milk instead)
  5. Yellow cheese- Before bed is bad. It will just turn into fat over night.
  6. Cookies- Well this should be a given. Cookies at night are always bad when your trying to sleep. And will make you fat during sleep.
  7. Ice cream- Ice Cream is milk, cream, and sugar. 3 worst ingedients to eat before bed. You will bloat.

I hope this helped you in eating better at night. There are options you can have. So don’t deprive yourself. And you should be fine.