Today’s topic is about the importance of tracking your fitness routine. With a journal. Whenever I begin a new exercise routine. I keep track of my progress. So here is your tips in keeping a fitness diary 101.

1. If you start a new type of exercise. Say Zumba, yoga, kettle bell, or Jillian Micheal’s workouts. Take a photo from day 1. Then as you keep it up the following month’s. Take pictures of your progress. And set your fitness goal. Like I want a Bikini Body.

2. Keep a food diary. Or join It’s a free web site. That calculates your food intake. And counts your calories. It uses graph’s of your progress in its computer software.

3. Don’t over do it your first week. Start out slow and then build up to a regular everyday routine. Start out 3-4 day’s a week. With a rest day in between. Say you exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

4. Okay. So you say I don’t have time for a routine. I’ve got work, kids, husband, etc. Well stop making excuses. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. I do workout video’s or Cd’s at home all the time. And most of them are only 30 min. workouts. Even if it’s taking a walk with your dog still burns more calories.

5. Now back to the food diary. Write down everything you eat and drink. Including water. This will give you insight of what you’re doing wrong. And make corrections to your diet.

7.  When you come to the point where it’s been half a year of your routine. Take a picture. And compare them to your first pic. Make a Before and After chart with your pics. And share them with your friends. They will think. What’s your secret?

8. Then the following month’s to a year. Take another photo. And see the new you! You will feel so much confidence, you’re in smaller sizes, and you get compliments. And you smile more. You’ll stare at that photo. And you will love to see what you did in 1 year.

This is the best way I know how to keep a fitness diary. It’s better than a diet. It isn’t so strict. And you can make it work for you. I hope this motivated you to become a healthier version of you. And don’t forget. Love your body. And it will love you back. <3

Here is an update of my fitness progress. This is my Bikini Body Fitness Chart.