I have said it before in my writing. That if you love your body. And keep it healthy. You will be beautiful wherever you go. And whatever you wear. This topic is about loving your body. And the true meaning of loving your body.

To love your body, you gotta love everything about it. Even your flaws make you who you are. To see a true reflection of who you are. Is to accept you as you are. When you put on that dress, or your favorite jeans. Say to yourself I am a beautiful woman who deserves love and to be loved. Respect your curves. And say I was created for a purpose. I am here to make a difference.  I eat and exercise to keep myself at it’s best. It’s not to lose weight, or even gain weight. It’s about being the best I can be. Some women go through life feeling depressed, sad, and hated. But I am here to say. That I know how it feels when you’re at your lowest. I know how it feels to be betrayed by a friend. And I know how it feels when people expect so much for you. That you put their needs instead of your own. But instead I am here to say. Do something for you. Smile, at the world. And say I’m still alive! And I’m not giving up. I live my own dreams. And no one can stop me from achieving the dreams I have. Keeping a healthy mind is about keeping your thoughts strong. So in your toughest times. You are the one still standing in the end.

Let the sun shine through your smile. Fill your heart with the love of God. Because he loves you as you are. He made you. And he makes no mistakes. Let him take you by the hand. And let him show you how much he loves you. And don’t forget it.