The following list is the top clothing stores that I have found. For Plus Sized women, that is classy. And shapes you to a flattering beautiful woman who has curves.

1. Is the top store to find sexy flattering dresses in 1x and up. Jessica London gets women’s curves. And slim you down. I have a number of dresses that accentuates my curves in a flattering way. She knows my body and her dresses fit me every time. I’ve never sent anything back.  I am a very satisfied customer.  And the prices are very reasonable for high-end fashion.

2. Dress Barn is my second choice for plus sized clothing. They also have the cutest tops. I have a few dresses from them as well. And if you get a good sale. You can get several outfits for under $150.00.

3. Ross and Tj Maxx are also great stores to find plus sized clothing. And it’s very reasonable priced. You always get more for what you pay for. And many styles to choose from. I’ve found some tops, and pants there before. Always look for bargain shopping. For less money.

4. Kohl’s is a great store also. I found the cutest maxi dresses there. I bought my first maxi dress from there. And It’s cool for the summer time.

5. And I know you’re going to be shocked what store I found some cute yoga/workout pants at. Wal-Mart. Yes! I said it Wal-Mart had some very cute choices. In the lowest prices. I got 4 pairs of pants and 3 shirts for under $90.00.

6. Last but not least, is Torrid. It’s a store for curvy women. They do their sizing differently. I wear either a size 0 or 1. It makes you feel better about your curves. And have great styles. They specialize for women who have curves. So try it out. And see if you like it.

7. I found a great online store for Swimsuits and Bikini’s .  Here you will find suits for all sizes. From petite, to sizes such as 22. And they also create them very flattering for the woman that is you. It’s like having your own stylist. In swimsuits!.

Well there you have it my top go to stores. That carry the best plus sized clothing for the beautiful woman, that you are.  Happy Shopping!