Made some revisions.

Anjalee Jadav

Today’s topic is about the proper way to write your boyfriend a letter. Sometimes if we write out our feelings in a letter. It’s easier than to talk about them.  Wether it’s a letter, email, or text message.  The word’s we say, or write can be either romantic. Or, it could go wrong. I write letters to express my feelings in a concrete way. That gets them to take you seriously. I’ve had the practice through out my experience. And I know what really gets them thinking. So here it is:

1. Always start your letter: Dear, name goes here. Followed by, I just wanted to get in touch with you. And thought I should write.

2. If it’s an email: Dear, name goes here. Followed by Hello. How are you?

3. In a text: Hi, Mike! How are you? 🙂

4. In the body of your letter, or email. You can say…

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