Today’s topic is about the proper way to write your boyfriend a letter. Sometimes if we write out our feelings in a letter. It’s easier than to talk about them.  Wether it’s a letter, email, or text message.  The word’s we say, or write can be either romantic. Or, it could go wrong. I write letters to express my feelings in a concrete way. That gets them to take you seriously. I’ve had the practice through out my experience. And I know what really gets them thinking. So here it is:

1. Always start your letter: Dear, name goes here. Followed by, I just wanted to get in touch with you. And thought I should write.

2. If it’s an email: Dear, name goes here. Followed by Hello. How are you?

3. In a text: Hi, Mike! How are you? 🙂

4. In the body of your letter, or email. You can say. I miss you. We haven’t talked in a while. I hope everything is going well. I wanted to let you know that you have been on my thoughts lately. And I wanted to ask you if you have any plans this weekend. If you are free. I hope that we can get together.

  • Always keep it casual and friendly. Never write a letter if you are mad at him. Never write as if you are in a fight. They will drop you. 
  • Never break up with him in a text message, or email. It’s just sloppy. And they deserve better than that.
  • Don’t send him a letter or email. If you did break up. In hopes of getting him back. This is only used if you are dating and if you are in a relationship.

5. Now some more things to say in your letter, or email.  You can flirt in your letters. Guy’s like it if you give them an insight in your feelings towards him.  After you say: I hope we can get together. You can say: I just want to kiss you again.  And hold your hand.

6. Then Sign it. Love, Your name goes here.  Or, you can sign it, Sincerely Your Friend, Mary.

7.  Then you can say: P.S. Call me

8. In a text message.  You can say call me sometime.

It’s better short, sweet, and simple. Than a love saga. You don’t want to be Ross when Rachel writes a 15 page letter. Save that for your wedding vows. 😉 I hope this helped you in writing to your boyfriend. Have a good one. Until next time!