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It’s Back To School Time, and it’s Time To Shop:


Here we are again. The summer is moving along. And now it’s time to do back to school shopping. And if you are a family. The cost of everything can consume you. Let’s face it, it can be very expensive to shop for your kid’s.  Here is your back to school shopping guide.

1. Some good stores that always give more, for what you pay for.  That is good for clothes. Is Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Burlington Coat Factory. These stores give a variety of stylish options. And it’s really priced at an acceptable price. $100.00 dollars would get you at least 5 outfits.

2. And for school supplies. The best places to shop are Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, Target, Office  Max, and Staples.

3. You can’t go wrong with The Dollar Tree either. You can get many school supplies for a $1.00 a piece. Can’t go wrong with that.

4. And for lunches and snacks. Wal-Mart is the best in my opinion. It’s cheaper than the general food market. And saves you money.

5. I would also recommend Payless Shoesource, and Famous Footwear for my shoes. These are stores I rely on. That sell quality shoe’s. That don’t fall apart after a few wears. They may be pricey. But good quality.

There you have it.  The shopping stores that I recommend for back to school shopping. Have a good one!

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