This topic is a popular subject. I know we all have heard some version of it. And now I have improved it. With my sense of good advice. This is what every girl needs in her closet, updated. Read on!

1. Cami tops in all colors. Today’s fashion is sheer fabrics. And I have stocked up on cami’s in many shades. Black, white, tan, red, and green. The more cami’s the better. So its’ always good to buy them in variety packs. Believe it or not. Finding the right shade of green. Is hard. But I found a shade of olive-green for one of my sheer tops. And it came in a variety pack.  And I found it at Costco. Some stores to consider shopping at for cami’s. Are: Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco.

2. Black pants in a variety of material. I carry a lot of black pants. That are made in different material. Some material selections are, black denim, black velvet, black cargo’s, black corduroys, and black slacks.  Black is a staple color. Good for job interview’s, and first dates.

3. I am a fan of black blazers also. But if you can find a blazer in maybe a cool red color, or a navy blue. Even better. So stalk up on both colors.

4. A white button down collared blouse. This is very stylish, and professional. Good for the office job. And deserves to be in your closet.

5. The perfect bra! Yes! I said it. A bra that supports, is comfortable, and sexy. We all have that favorite bra, that we go to. And we’ve had for years. You can’t part with it.  It did you good. Be good to “the girls”.

6. A black mini pencil skirt. Is good for the job, and can be converted to a night out. You can match it with a white blouse at the job. But then you can also change it with a black peplume top. For a night out.

7. A pair of black ankle boots. These are usually worn under pants. It gives a professional impression. I found a pair of Fergi black ankle boots at Famous Footwear. Fergi ( from Black Eye’d Pea’s). Is my favorite shoe designer. She knows what she is doing. She understands what makes a great shoe.  And they are very classy.

8. You should also have a variety of scarves. A scarf is an accessory. That takes your outfit to the next level. It gives it a more put together feel.  It makes an outfit complete.

9.  A black belt. We don’t need to see your butt cleavage. Specially in the work force.

10. The last one is Little Black Dress. And in different material as well. It can be, chiffon, velvet, silk, or leather.

Well there you have it. 10 signature pieces that every girl needs in her closet. Revised!