Wither your going on your first date. Or, you’re happily married. Here are some fun original ideas. For the perfect date.

1. Play a sport together. Like bowling, mini golf, tennis, basketball. Any one on one interaction. Is good. And if you go on a double date. You can team up.

2. A day at the park. With your dog. Have a picnic, walk, and take pictures. Get some fresh air. From being indoors all day. It’s good for you. And you can get vitamin D.

3. The State Fair is my favorite. Some of my favorite dates were at a fair. It’s fun to go on rides. And play game booth’s It makes the date exciting.

4. A shooting range. It takes skill to be able to work a gun. And you learn basic survival skills.

5. If you can’t decide on a movie. Go to a play at a local theatre. That’s real acting.

6. If you can’t decide on a restaurant. Cook a meal together. And have a candle light dinner at home.

7. Go for a drive in the country. It’s good to go outside your civilization. And get in touch with country, or mountain scenery. It’s very romantic to see the sunset in the mountains. And take pictures.

8.  Flying kites is a fun activity to do together. When the wind is right. Sometimes the funnest dates. Are things we did as a kid.

9. And if you’re really adventurous. Sky diving is an adrenaline rush. I’ve never done it. But some people like jumping out of planes.

10. Spend a day at the beach or lake. This can be therapeutic. It’s good to hear the waves splashing against the shore. It is the best sound to meditate to. And soothes your soul. And you feel like you’re in a fantasy.

There you have it. These are 10 original ideas for the perfect date.  Have a good day!