A Novel

The Great Escape: By: Anjalee Jadav

Finished Story of The Great Escape: By Anjalee Jadav

Anjalee Jadav

Chapter 1:

 Portia Meets Clark

BUZZZ! The alarm clock went off. MMough! Portia groans, and opens her eye’s. Fumbling to turn off the alarm. Great another day at boring Rochester High. It’s bad enough that she hadn’t made any friends since she moved here. Two weeks ago. And during her Junior year. Her parents just went through a divorce. She and her mom, moved in with her grandmother. Which is Portia’s’ mom’s mother. At least she has an endless supply of cookies. But to start another life. When her last home she was voted the most stylish in her class. She slowly gets up to take a shower. Portia wakes up at 3:00 am to get ready for school. Portia is a responsible person. And takes her academics seriously. Portia wants to become a homeopathic doctor. Portia feels that in 2015. Medicine has taken the wrong turn. She constantly hears about…

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