Chapter 1:

 Portia Meets Clark

BUZZZ! The alarm clock went off. MMough! Portia groans, and opens her eye’s. Fumbling to turn off the alarm. Great another day at boring Rochester High. It’s bad enough that she hadn’t made any friends since she moved here. Two weeks ago. And during her Junior year. Her parents just went through a divorce. She and her mom, moved in with her grandmother. Which is Portia’s’ mom’s mother. At least she has an endless supply of cookies. But to start another life. When her last home she was voted the most stylish in her class. She slowly gets up to take a shower. Portia wakes up at 3:00 am to get ready for school. Portia is a responsible person. And takes her academics seriously. Portia wants to become a homeopathic doctor. Portia feels that in 2015. Medicine has taken the wrong turn. She constantly hears about bogus vaccinations, medicine, and treatment plans that make people worse. She feels that every illness has a cure. The natural way. So many babies getting sick and are given life threatening vaccinations.  But now she is faced to start from scratch to get good grades and go into medical school. Portia has plans. And the only thing that troubles her now is her poor social skills.

Portia turns on the shower and steps in. She feels the temperature of the water get hotter. So she adjusts it to a little cooler. She quickly washes her hair and soaps up. Then she hops out of the shower. And dries off. Portia pulls on a pair of blue jeans with a sequined top that has a v-neck. Then she puts on her makeup, just a little lip gloss, and mascara.

While Portia was blow drying her natural red hair. Portia! Her mom calls up to her. Portia looks at the clock It’s now 4:00 am. Yeah, Mom! Her mom opens her door. And says I made some muffins for breakfast. Oh. Okay thanks mom. Portia clips her hair into a burette into a half pony tail. Portia goes down stairs to get a muffin. Her back pack is in the office room. Where she was writing a report on Science Facts  and Medicine. For her Biology class.

Portia your dad called, and wants to know if you would like to spend Christmas break with him and Julie. I don’t know said Portia. You won’t miss me when I’m gone? It’s not that honey. I’ve got a lot to do. I’ve got to find work, and not just any job. A job that requires a lot of my time. And possibly have to work Holidays . The cost of living has gone up. And I just don’t know how we are going to pay Grandmas mortgage. Well I guess it would be alright. If you are not offended. Not at all honey.

Portia looks at the clock while finishing her blueberry muffin. 6:30 am. Are you sure you can drive to school. It rained a lot last night. And the roads will be slippery. I got it. Portia replied.  I’ve driven in snow before. I think I can handle rain. Okay, Honey. Where your seat belt.  Her mom lectured. I got to go. Class starts at 7:30. And it’s her favorite class, journalism.

Portia steps out the front door. And walks to her car in the drive way. She opens the car door, and gets in. She shut the door, put on her seat belt, and started the engine. The radio came on. They were playing Dancing Queen from Abba. What a great song to start my day. Portia says to herself. She pulls out of the drive way, turns up the road, and stops at the stop sign. She looks both ways. No one was coming.  She made a right turn, and onto the main road. It was a good drive. The roads weren’t too bad. Just little puddles on the sides.  It’s about a half hour to get to school. She had a boundary acceptation. Because Earie High has a lot of gangs. And her mom wanted her to become involved in a club. So she could meet new friends. And Rochester High has a more variety. Earie High was not a good area. And kids are so mean and rude there. Well  Portia lucked out this way. She preferred Rochester over Earie High in a heart beat.

Finally Portia makes it to school. And parks parallel into an empty parking lot in the student parking.  Then as she was getting out of the car. A ball almost hit her in the face. She ducked and looked around. What the …  Sorry miss, a tall handsome boy walked up to her. We were just practicing baseball.  I’m trying out for pitcher. Umm! Okay I guess. Said Portia. I haven’t seen you around are you new? Asked the boy. I’m kind of new, this is my third week as a Junior.  She replied. My name is Harvey Reynolds, I’m only sophomore. The guy next to me is Clark Gabel. Portia smirked. Like the actor?  I’m not related to him. Just the name is the same.  My name is Portia Baker and extends her hand. And Clark shakes it and kisses it. Portia blushed. She wasn’t expecting that. She couldn’t stop staring at his smile. He had nice teeth, and black eye’s, resembling the actor.  But Clark let go. And opened the door for her. Where are you headed?  Clark asked. I’m going to 101 A. That’s the newsroom! Harvey interrupted so he wouldn’t be left out.

Are you going to be a reporter? Asked Harvey. It’s my second choice to major in. What’s your first choice? Asked Clark. Homeopathic Doctor.  Journalism is a hobby of mine. And if I don’t get into medical school. I’ll major in Journalism. Clark smiled approvingly and impressed. Well I got to go to class. It’s going to start in 2 minutes! Said Portia. Meet us at lunch. We sit in the bleachers for lunch. Okay said Portia, I will.

Classes went by fast. She watched a movie in Journalism called Paparazzi. It was really funny to her. That he got away with murdering the reporter. Then Biology was next. Her report is due next Friday. So they were just researching their topics in the library.  Then she had creative writing and reading next. They are reading the book by Edgar Allan Poe, The Pendulum, it was called. Portia likes Edgar Allan Poe for his morbidly dark writing skills. And wants to write something like his one day.

Ding Ding Ding! Finally lunch had come. And Portia was excited to sit with some friends today. She went to the cafeteria, and stood in line. She picked out chicken nuggets and fries. She asked for extra ketchup packets. And got a coke from the vending machine. Then she headed for the bleachers outside.  She reached the bleachers. And spotted Harvey and Clark with two other girls. They motioned for her to  come. One girl was glaring at her. Clark got up and helped her carry her food over the stairs. Then they introduced Portia to the other girls. Lisa Sharp, and Meagan Reynold’s, Harvey’s little sister. Lisa asked. Why don’t I know you? I know everyone at this school. Harvey jumped in.  She’s new Lisa, leave her alone. Well your definitely not cheerleader material. So I guess I don’t have to worry Lisa smirked. Cheerleader’s are not everything, Meagan chimed in.  While taking a bite from a french fry. Portia noticed Clark was checking out her back side. She motioned, Mmm. Sorry, but you have a nice back, mentioned Clark.

Chapter 2:

Portia Gets Kidnapped

The rest of the school day came and went.  Portia had Algebra 2, and Physical Fitness class.   Portia had an algebra quiz, And in Physical Fitness they did step aerobics. Portia reapplied her makeup. And quickly got dressed. Portia was invited to spend the afternoon with Meagan and Harvey. They were really interested that Portia wants to become a doctor. Portia called her mom on her cell phone, and her mom willingly accepted. So Portia drove up to Meagan’s house. Which was huge! It must have had 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms, and a basement. So! I noticed you and Clark are getting along well? Meagan chimed in. Harvey went into his room. And let the girls be by themselves. Well, he is handsome. Well Lisa has been trying to get him since the beginning of the school year. Meagan warned. But I think she’s a stuck up, cheerleader snob! Meagan admitted. Don’t let her get to you though.  She may seem tough. But really is as harmless as a kitten.

So where are you from? Meagan asked. I’m from Flagstaff, Arizona.  What made you move here? My parents got a divorce and my mom and I moved back in with her mom. Which is my Grandmother. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Meagan sadly frowned. Are you hungry? We have Hot Pockets, in the freezer. Ohh! That sounds good. Meagan and Portia walked down stairs and into the kitchen. Meagan’s kitchen had glass cupboards, and granite countertops tops. There was a huge island in the middle. With gas stove. And stainless steel appliances. What do your parents do for a living? Portia asked. Trying not to look so shocked by the gorgeousness.

My parents are both engineers, and work for Motorola designing cell phones, and other electronics. Wow! Gasped Portia. Meagan fixes the Hot Pockets and put them in the microwave.  So you want to become a doctor? Meagan asked. A Homeopathic Doctor Portia corrected. What’s the difference? A Homeopathic Doctor takes the natural way to heal sickness. And recommend homeopathic medicine instead of putting chemicals in your body. Oh! That’s interesting.  Beep Beep Beep! The microwave went off. Meagan fixes Portia’s plate. And Portia sits on a bar stool at the island.  Meagan, grabs two cokes, and sits down next to her. They both carefully ate their hot hot pockets.

When they finished they walked back upstairs to Meagan’s room. What time is it? Portia asked. Meagan looked at her crystal clock. 5:30 p.m. I’ve got to go. I got to put gas in the car, and get home. My grandmother needs assistance. What’s wrong with your grandmother? She has really bad arthritis, and is going deaf. The doctors say she has about two years before everything shuts down. I’m so sorry to hear that. Replied Meagan. So Meagan walks Portia to her car. And she gets in, starts the car, and waves bye to Meagan.

Portia drove about 45 minutes, before she found a gas station. She gets out of the car. And attends to the pump. All of a sudden she hears a noise. And THUMP!

Portia wakes up from a concussion. She’s blind folded and has her mouth taped shut. She hears footsteps. From what she can tell she’s on a couch, in someone’s house, or apartment.

Chapter 3

The News

Why isn’t Portia answering her phone? Sandy Baker, Portia’s mom told herself. It’s 11:30 p.m. It’s not like Portia to miss curfew. I’m getting worried mom. Sandy told her mom Rose.  Perhaps she got in an accident on her way home? Didn’t she visit some friends earlier today? That’s right. What was her friends names? Meagan and Harvey Reynold’s, Sandy answered. I wish I took their number when she called me. But, I was in a job interview at the time. I couldn’t talk. Call the police, see what they have to say.  Rose suggested to Sandy.

911. The police station operator answered. This is the police station what is your emergency? My daughter never came home. And she is not answering her cell phone. She’s late for her curfew. Describe her appearance. Long red hair, and blue eye’s. About 5.5 tall. She was wearing blue jeans with a sequined v-neck top. Do you know where she was last seen? She went to her friend’s house after school. What were their names? Meagan and Harvey Reynold’s. Sandy answered. How did she get there? She drove. What was the license plate number? BWJ12113. We will start searching for your daughter.

Ding Dong! Harvey hears the doorbell. He goes downstairs to answer the door. He looks through the peep-hole. It was two policemen at the door. He opens it. Yes. He nervously answered. We have some questions for you. Did a girl name Portia Baker come here today? Yes, was she in trouble? No, we got a call that she never made it home. Do you know where her where about’s are? She left 5:30.  Harvey answered. Getting worried. Was she with anyone else? She was with my sister Meagan. Meagan came downstairs. What’s going on? She asked. Portia never made it home. Oh no!  Did she say where she was going? The policeman asked her. She said she was going to get gas, and go home to help her grandmother.  Meagan started to cry. I hope she’s okay. If you two find out anything about her where about’s. Call 911 right away. We will Harvey said.  The policemen left. And Harvey closed the door after they drove away.

Oh! How awful! Meagan answered. She was crying. I hope she’s okay too. Harvey assured her. It’s happening again. What is happening? Harvey asked his sister. The kidnappings are happening again. Do you suppose she was kidnapped by that gang. I hope not. Let’s wait until morning. Then we will see if she makes it to school. Clark is going to be pissed. Let’s get some rest. They both go to bed. Hoping that Portia would come to school tomorrow.

In the morning Meagan and Harvey arrive at school hoping Portia was there. As they separate to go to their classes. The morning announcements went on. Please rise for our National Anthem. The National Anthem was played by a recording. All the students were standing with their hands to their hearts. After the song ends. They sit in their desks. Then the principle came on. We have some terrible news. Portia Baker a new student has been missing. Please call the police if any of you know about her where about’s. All the students gasped. Who is that? Some replied. It was a long day a Rochester High.  But by the end of the day. Portia was the most popular girl in school. Clark Gabel was silent. He couldn’t talk to anyone. He honestly thought it was a joke.

By this time Sandy Baker, was hysterical.  Then the nightly news, had a story of Portia missing. They had a photo of Portia standing by a lake in the woods. In a long-sleeved sweatshirt, and jeans. Some church goers sent food over to Sandy’s house. And offered a prayer chain. Sandy accepted, but the words they were saying were muffled. She couldn’t understand what anyone was saying. Some people actually gave her money that would go towards the search in finding her daughter.

Please Lord! Let my baby be ok! She prayed to herself.

Chapter 4:

Portia’s Car is Found

Boss? What! I think she’s awake. What makes you say that? Her breathing is normal, and her hand moved. Portia has been pretending she was still sleeping. But someone was there. He shakes her. And takes off her blindfold, but keeps the tape on her mouth. Portia slowly opened her eye’s. See boss. She is awake. Portia’s vision was blurred. All she could make out was a man’s blue eye’s and a visible scar on his cheek. Perhaps we should give her something to eat. Why? We are not her caregivers. Said the other voice.  Oh. She’s had a rough day. Give her something to eat. Okay. Fine. She can have the left over Routisserie chicken, and potatoes. The man put the blind fold back on. And tightened the rope on her hands. He peeled the tape off her mouth. She groaned at the sting the tape left on her lips. But she keeps silent. She didn’t say one word.

Then the man fed her some chicken and potatoes.  They gave her water to wash it down.  Did you hide the car? Yeah, it’s in a spot no one will ever find it. Said the voice.

The policemen were at Sandy’s house. Asking more questions. What kind of car does Portia drive? She drives a station wagon. It was her Grandmother’s car. And was handed down to her. What color was it? It is brown and cream color. Sandy replied.  Just to warn you. We think she was kidnapped.  It’s been too long without hearing from anyone. And Earie School denies that any of their students were involved with the kidnapping.

Sandy was sobbing. She couldn’t keep the tears streaming down her face. What should we do? We have selected a private detective on the scene. His name is Doug Kennings.  And he is observing all the gas station’s of the town.   To pick up some clues.

Doug Kennings, covered all gas station’s by the end of the day. Questioning all the clerk’s. There was one gas station he hasn’t tried yet. And it was by the woods.  So he drives into a parking lot. And get’s outside. Doug had Portia’s baby fingerprint chart with him. He was dusting for prints on the gas pumps. And then he found identical fingerprints on the pump that was the same.  And he found skid marks at the edge of the woods that seemed suspicious.

So he had the police tape off the edge of the woods. And yellow taped the entrance to the trails. No one is to go into the woods. It was a crime scene. And no one was allowed in.

Boss do you think she needs to use the bathroom? The voice asked. More than likely she’s already gone in her pants. She needs to clean up though. Take her. And stand outside the door. So the man unties her feet ropes, and her hands, and takes the blindfold off Portia’s eye’s. He sticks a gun in her back. If you try anything I’ll shoot you. Said the man. Portia didn’t make a noise. And walked with the man to the hallway and into the bathroom. At least they’re letting me have privacy. She thought. So Portia was scheming a plan in her head in how to get out of this place. She looks around the bathroom. And finds wash cloth’s. She uses the toilet. And washes herself with water and soap. But she also found something in one of the drawers. She found a pocket knife. Great she could use this. But where will she hide it. Think fast Portia. She say’s to herself. Of course in her bra. So she puts the knife in the cup of her bra. But it was still visible. So she removed it. No that wont work. So she stuffs it in her sock. And puts her shoes back on. Perfect. It was hidden under her jeans perfectly.  Now I need to find a way out of here.  Hey! You in there hurry up. So Portia said she’s done. And the man opened the door. And he walks with her back to the couch. Portia realised she was in a cabin. And in the woods.  She looked outside. And it was beginning to snow.

Doug Kennings was searching in the woods for more clues. The skid marks were going in circles. As if the person was deliberately trying to get them lost on purpose.  Then he came to a point where the tracks stopped. Someone covered the tracks in the dirt.  So he went off the trail and found a lake. It was a big enough lake. How deep is this lake? He asked a patrol officer. Oh, it’s supposed to be twenty feet deep in the middle. But shallow in some parts.  Get some swimming gear. We need to search the lake.

So what are we going to do with her Boss? We already made the news.

Portia was moved to another room. Away from the kidnappers. She was locked in this room. And there were dead bolt’s on the windows.  They gave her instructions to sleep in the bed provided.

What we can do is write an anonymous letter to her mom and ask for $5,000.00 ransom money.  If she wants her daughter back.

It was 5:00 am in the morning and the police was searching the lake. It was the beginning of the winter in Saulsbury Kansas. And the first snow started last night.  It was October 12, 2015.  And the police wanted to search the lake before it froze. So they were swimming all over.  Doug come over here. I think I’ve found something. In the mud on one of the shores of the lake. Was a cell phone. It was not working due to getting ruined with water and mud. This is a clue. Doug takes the evidence while wearing gloves to dust for fingerprints. Doug walks back to the police car. And pulls out Portia’s baby fingerprint chart. And the fingerprints matched Portia’s.  We are getting close.  Look e’ here, Detective. I think we found Portia’s car. Where? Over here it appears that it was driven into the lake. And left here. They took a water proof camera and shot the bottom of the lake. And sure enough there was a brown and cream-colored station wagon in the bottom of the lake.

 Chapter 5:

The Great Escape

Portia waited a whole hour. Before she contemplated how she was going to escape. By this time she knew they were in for the night. Portia takes out the pocket knife that she hid in her sock. She opened it up. And then she had a brilliant idea. She could pick the locks off the dead bolts on the windows and escape, through the window! Carefully not making noise. She finds a tool on the switch blade that could pick the locks. So she started picking the lock. And she tried, and tried again. Never giving up. Then finally, she made one of the locks open. Yes! I’m making progress! She said to herself.  Then she tried the other lock. And then it opened. Then she tried the window, and it opened. It creaked a little. But Portia was hearing snores in the next room. Portia climbed out the window and ran. She didn’t know what direction to take. But she just ran. And ran as fast as she could.

Portia came to a path, and felt she could walk now. She was running for a whole hour. And felt she was safe. She came to a main road. And found a restaurant. She found a pay phone,  and dialed 911. The operator answered. 911 What is the emergency? Hello! This is Portia Baker and I have escaped. I am at the Cardinal Diner.  Please come get me! Wait right there we will send a patrol officer to pick you up.

So Portia waited. And waited. Then finally she heard police cars park in the driveway. She walked up to them. And they motioned for her to get in the car. That she was safe. They drove her to the police station. And asked her question’s. Where were you? I was in a cabin deep in the woods. It was an hour away from the Cardinal Diner. How did you escape. I picked the dead bolts from the windows where I was held hostage. And went through the window.  Can you describe their appearance. Only one of them. He had blue eye’s and a visible scar on his right cheek. The other one I don’t  know. I was blindfolded most of the time. The voice of the other one was female.

The police called her mom. And told her she was at the police station. And were waiting for her to arrive.  They warned her to stay home. That they will look for the kidnappers. Until then don’t leave the house for any reason. Don’t go to school.

Sandy couldn’t believe it. They found her daughter. She was driving. Speeding to the station. She quickly parks in the parking lot. Get’s out and walks to the door. She walked in. And found her daughter sitting on a bench.

They run towards each others arms. And hug for a very long time. I’m so glad your home now! Said her mother.  Both crying and kissing each other.

Chapter 6:

The Fugitives

Boss! What! She’s gone! What do you mean she is gone? She’s gone from the room. Looks like she got out through the window. Shit! Well look for her!  Then they hear sirens.  Bang bang-bang! They heard on the door. This is the police! Come out with your hands up! They walk out the front door, with their hands on their heads. The police hurriedly hand cuffed them. And shoved them in the back of the patrol car.  They were taken to the prison.

Ring ring ring! The phone rang. Baker residence Sandy answered. We have captured the fugitives and are being held in the prison. Can your daughter come and point them out?  Portia didn’t like the sound of facing the kidnappers again. She thought she was done with them.  But agreed to go to the prison. She would be highly supervised by a security guard. She will be safe from harm.

They arrive at the prison. And was taken to a room with a window that she could see through but they can’t see her. They send in the two fugitives. And she screamed. What? What is it? She said that’s the guy with the scar. But the girl was not only Lisa Sharp!

They were then taken to a confessional room. Where the police asked them questions. Sandy and Portia was taken to a different room.  They asked the fugitives. Why they kidnapped her. And the girl said. Because she should learn to stay away from my Man! She admitted.  Who is your man? Clark Gabel.  What the actor? No! He’s a student with the same name at Rochester High. And I would’ve gotten away with it. What were you planning to do with her? The policeman asked her. I was going to ask for money for ransom and then give her back.  So you admit to being guilty for the kidnapping of Portia Baker? Yes! They take both the fugitive’s in custody. And Portia and Sandy went home.

Later, her dad  came over to their house. And he cried and hugged her for a very long time. I tried to get back here sooner. But  the planes were delayed of a huge snow storm. And came just as soon I could! Oh! Daddy! Sandy please take me back. After I heard I would lose my daughter I have to come back to you. Please will you marry me again? Sandy was shocked. And burst into tears. What about Julie? Julie means nothing to him. Please I can’t live another day with out you both.

Yes! I will marry you again! Portia’s parents kiss.

How did you escape? I picked the locks on the windows where I was being held hostage.  And climbed out the window. Oh! That’s my girl. Said her father.  Then Portia remembered. She still had the pocket knife in her pocket. See this is what I picked the locks with.  We have an amazing daughter Sandy. And I wouldn’t change anything about her. Sandy reassured.

Then they heard a knock at their door. And it was Meagan, Harvey, and Clark Gabel.  Oh! It’s my friends from school.

It’s okay. They are safe. Her parents let her out the porch.  And they greeted her with hugs. Then Clark gave her a really big kiss. And she kissed back with red cheeks.  We came right over as soon as we heard the news! They all said. We are glad you came home safe and sound. Thanks! Looks like Lisa is going to prison for a long time.  That really was a Great Escape!

The End!