This topic is about Beauty. And it’s the perfect time to just relax and take a day of Beauty. So on your Saturday afternoons if your stuck at home bored. It gives you something to do and it’s fun. Because when you take the time to take care of yourself and love yourself. You not only give yourself a confidence boost. It makes you seem like you know how to handle your free time.

1. First if you want you can do your nails and feet while watching movies. I give myself manicures and pedicures,while watching movies. Some good movies to watch is Clueless, The Notebook, What a Girl Wants, and Grease. It’s always a good vibe to connect with girl bonding flicks, at this time.

2. When I give myself manicure’s and pedicure’s. I do everything. I used to get them professionally done. But now I do them myself. I even make them nice and smooth again. My heels get really dry and they crack. So I found my way that works. To remove the cracks and make them soft and smooth again. Then I do my toenails, I clean, clip, and polish them.  Then I do my hands. My hands don’t take as long as I do for my feet. But I clip, file and polish them. Oh and one more thing. A great way to decide on a nail color. Is always buy nail polish in a variety. Then when the mood is right, you can pick a color that gives off your aura.

3. Then let your nails dry. Don’t take a shower immediately after. Your polish will peel off.  Instead lets discuss facials next. You can either buy the masks, or make a homemade mask. Pinterest is a good source to find a great mask recipe. It’s up to you. I use St.Ives Oatmeal Facial Mask. It leaves my skin soft and glowing. But before you put on the mask. Cleanse your face and neck first, with a cleanser. Then after you cleanse, apply the facial mask. And read the instructions to know how long to keep the mask on. Some masks call for 5 min. and some call for 15 min. So in this time either watch more movies or tv. After the time is up. Clean your face with a warm damp washcloth. Clean it all up. Then following put moisturizer  ( or if your older put anti aging cream).

4. Then by this time.  Your nails should be dry enough to take a shower or bath. Then wash up, shave, wash hair, and relax.

Now you are nice and clean and ready to tackle the next day. With essence and quality. I hope you like this post. Have a good one! Until next time!