In this topic I am discussing swimsuits. And finding the right suit for your shape. Lets face it you may not have the perfect body. Or the Victoria Secret Model body. But you don’t have to. Whatever shape or size. You can still find the right suit. I’ll help you shop.  I found a great online store for Swimsuits and Bikini’s .  Here you will find suits for all sizes. From petite, to sizes such as 22. And they also create them very flattering for the woman that is you. It’s like having your own stylist. In swimsuits!.

1. There are many different shapes that everyone has. What are your best assets? Do you have nice legs? Do you have nice abs? Or, are you more full-figured? I have a decent body. I have curves in the right places. I just wish I could tone up more. But before you shop for a suit. Ask yourself this. Do you want a bikini or a full suit? Do you like the kind that have a built-in skirt?

2. Bikini shopping tips I include is. If you want to show yourself in a bikini I think you are very brave. And if you have the right figure for it. Then don’t let me stop you. But for the more conscious person. If I wear a bikini I usually have a cover up to go with it. I usually go for halter tops, and high waist  bottoms. To hide my pouch. ( shh don’t tell anyone).

3. Sometimes a full suit is more flattering on some. My mom always liked me in full suits, and I would agree.  I just feel more conservative that way. And you still have a variety to choose from. Some have built in skirts to hide thighs. Let’s face it some women have cellulite. It makes women insecure. So if you have a skirt built-in, it hides it.

4. Your shape.  Here is a diagram of different women’s body shapes. Body shapes

5. See we all come in different body shapes. We just need to find the right suit to the right shape. I think I am either pear or spoon shape. And I’m happy with my body. I take care of it, and I work for my body. Embrace your body with love. Treat it with care and you will be beautiful with whatever you pull on.

6. Patterns and solids. I like to mix my style up. Some days I wear solids. And some days I wear patterns. If you go for stripes do vertical stripes. Not horizontal stripes. If you have a stomach.

7.  Try on different styles. You may be surprised some styles look better after you try them on. So go for a variety when trying them on.  And also wear your panties under when trying on the bottoms. You don’t know who tried the suit on last. It will protect you from germs and disease.

8. Have a friend with you for approval. They can guide you what looks good and what looks bad. Have a second opinion.

9. When you find the suit. Smile! And say mission accomplished!

I hope this helped you. And one last thing when you wear this suit to the beach or poolside. Smile, and have a good time.