Today’s topic is shopping! I have come up with this topic for Shopping Smart while keeping inside your budget and not to overspend.  So here are my tips of shopping conservatively.

1. Are you shopping with cash or credit card? If I go shopping to outlet stores. I wait until I have cash on hand. From Birthdays and Holiday’s. Cash is smarter than credit cards. You pay for your items there and it’s done. No worries of paying later. On interests in credit cards.

2. The only time I use credit cards is if I shop online. I always have different usernames and passwords for different online stores. To prevent hacking into my accounts. And I look for security lock when I order my items.

3. Now when I see an item that catches my eye. I ask myself if I would wear it more than once? Where will I wear it? What color and style is it? Do I need it vs want it? And does it look practical and conservative? All girls go through a sexy phase. We all wanted that Little Black Dress. When you shop for something sexy. Ask yourself what does it embellish.? Does it show cleavage? Does it show your legs. Does it show your mid drift? Well for me I have nice legs. So I like to embellish on my legs. I don’t wear midriff. Because I know my parents don’t like my stomach showing. And I like to keep a little conservative while look sexy at the same time.

4. If shopping by credit card or store credit cards. I always stay under $200.00. Each time I use it. Then when the bill comes I split the payment into two payments. When I get paid next. I always try to pay off the balance on my cards. Within a 2 month time frame. And I only use 1 store credit card at a time. I have 3 different cards from different brands.  So limit yourself to 1 of 3 cards each time you shop.

5.  And I always look for the best deals and coupons. I like to get more for what I pay for. So I get a couple of outfits in one buy. You just have to look different stores for the best deals for your money. Don’t settle until you find the store with the better sale.

I hope this helped you shop more conservatively. And it will save you money if you keep these tips the next time you shop.