So you’ve tried internet dating,  and met some people who could possibly blossom into either a friendship, lover, colleague, or employer. When you meet online know that until you meet someone in person. It is not official until the first meeting. Whichever situation you fall under. Here are some safety tips in meeting someone online in person for the first time.

1. Meet in a public place ( not a bar). If you are going on a date. Maybe a bowling alley, miniature golf, or a movie.

2. Your first date wardrobe should be maybe a pair of black pants, and silk blouse. Don’t wear stiletto’s if your going bowling, or golfing, wear flats or low heeled shoes.

3. Tell a friend to be able to call if the date goes sour. They can call you and check to see if the date is good or bad.

4. Don’t base your first interactions on their looks. They may look different from the pics you’ve seen online. Until you meet in person. Don’t daydream into how you’ll go off skipping in the sunset.

5. Be nice and polite. Even if you don’t feel an attraction with them. Show them a good time. Play a game of bowling, or go mini golfing. Make the date worth it. Because if they go out of their way to meet you. At least make it worth their time. Then tell them gently whither you see yourself on a second date, or not.

6. If the date is good. Then you can tell them you would like a second date. And maybe get a little formal.  The second date is where the magic begins. Then you feel more comfortable. And you can wear that little black dress!

7. Dating is like a job interview. You’ll  know when you will find someone qualified to be your one and only. If you see sparks that’s wonderful!

8. If they call you for a second date within 7 days. You are golden. If not, then move on to someone else.

I hope this helped you in meeting someone online. The smart, and safe way. Because there are predators out there. Never agree to meet them at night, in a bar, or in a hotel room. Happy Dating!