Today’s article is about getting your cats and dogs to get along. Recently I got a dog, but I’ve also got a cat. Here is my way of getting new pets to get along. My cat is no stranger to dogs. My dad had a dog. And they learned to get along. But Rocky died. So it’s been me and the cat for a while now.  I’ve had this dog for a week now. And they like each other.  Here are my tips to get cats and dogs together.

1. Cat’s are observers. When my cat saw this dog. She slowly entered the room. And the dog just stayed where he was. My cat mewed at him. And they actually were face to face with each other. But each step that the cat took was carefully, and slowly inched into the room.. She still does that. Cause sometimes the dog might chase her.  When the dog chased the cat. I said no!

2. Then when they were together in my room. They were together. And I pet both of them and said friends. I kept repeating the words “friends”. Until they got the hint.

3. Then I also spend alone time with each one separate. I pet them and say I love you. I pet the cat and assured her that she’s my baby girl too. At first the cat was not eating much. The first days when the dog came. So I just waited until she felt comfortable going up to her food dish without the dog chasing her. My cat is very brave for a cat. And is able to be in the same room as the dog. Although sometimes when the dog does bark at her and get into her personal space. She will hiss. But then she runs away to safety. So it’s all a matter of time. When they both will warm up to each other.

4. Sometimes even the dog chasing the cat can also be good. My cat is big. So if they run around with each other. It’s exercise. And they are playing with each other.

5. My cat’s not really much of a biter. And the dog doesn’t bite either. So it’s a win win situation.

6. Just give it time. The longer time they spend with each other. The more comfortable they will both feel. I’m still learning from both of them so it’s just time that makes the difference.