We’ve been there you are smitten. And you have butterflies in your stomach. You feel magnetic to him. And he just soaks it all in. Here is your guide to know if this man is the one.

1. Just by holding his hand you feel like you belong.

2. When you kiss him you go into a euphoric trance.

3. He sticks up for you. And he fights for you.

4. He’s willing to put you first.

5. He’s on your mind 100%.

6. When you’re not with him. You can’t wait to see him again.

7. He introduces you to all his friends and family.

8. You just know. From the beginning that you have sparks.

9. Does his eye’s seem to sparkle.

10. Are you the reason he smiles from ear to ear?

11. Does he make you happy? And do you see yourself happy if you marry him?

12. Do you want children with him.

13. Is he smart with money?  And what kind of career does he have?

14. Is he what you dreamed of since you were a little girl. And more!

15. Do you see him as a father figure.

If you said yes to all of these. You are with a real keeper. Whatever you do don’t let him go. And be a woman that he Adores.