The Girly Girls Guide to Camping.

So you have those friends that go camping a lot. And they invite you to go with them. But you are a girly girl. You wear dresses, you don’t wear hiking boots, and you dread going to the bathroom outside. I have come up with this topic. For the Girly Girls Guide to Camping.

1. Bring lots and lots of toilet paper.

2. Pack more underwear. You never know when you’ll have an accident.

3. Bring extra blankets. Along with your sleeping bag.

4. Find out if you’ll be sleeping in a tent or cabin.

5. Bring a canteen for drinking water. And a cooking kit to cook your food, over the fire.

6. Bring or buy hiking boots. And wool socks..

5. Bring long sleeved sweatshirts, and tank tops. You don’t know the weather. It could be cold or hot. So pack for both.

6. Is it that time of the month. Bring tampons or maxi pads.

7. Bring a flash light.

8. Bring your nail kits. Your hands will get dirty. And you may get hangnail.

9. Bring a book to read.

10. Pack an umbrella.

11. Bring towels and wash cloths. Find out if there will be showers or lakes nearby. I remember I went camping at Lake Powell. And I washed myself in the lake.

12. Bring environmentally safe soap, and shampoo.

13. Bring a swim suit.

14. Bring Bug spray.

15. Sunglasses and hat.

Your friends may laugh if you bring all this stuff. But you’ll be laughing and prepared for whatever comes along. Happy Camping.

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