I have always been different. But that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It’s actually good to stand out from the crowd. And people usually remember you for not always following everyone. I took my own path, and walked in my life with inspiration. If you want to be that girl that everyone remembers. People who admire you for lighting up the room. When everyone else is struggling to fit in. Here is your guide to be the Girl that stands out from the crowd.

1. Your clothes are the most vital piece of your personality. My style is always changing. I have been told I have many different styles. From classic chic, to elegant, and practical, and edgy to comfortable. First find the color palate. Do you like natural colors like brown, tan, gold, white. Or Earth tones. Like blues, greens, and browns. Do you like black? The key to wearing black is to not take it overboard. Maybe a black pencil skirt with a white blouse, and black blazer. Or do you like vibrant colors like orange, red, purple, blue, and yellows. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Maybe blue jeans with a colorful top.

2. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! It’s a known fact that people who have a variety of shoes. Gives people a sense of your personal hygiene. Are your shoes dirty? Or are they stylish and comfortable? Don’t hurt your feet in high heels. It’s okay to walk in heels once in a while. But as you get older. Your feet will change. And will hurt your feet.

3. Your make up. Do you like to keep it natural? Or do you experiment with your eye shadow? Do you do the smokey eyes trend? Guy’s complain when we do this. But if you do it the right way it does look classy. Go to YouTube they have plenty of tutorials in how to achieve the look.

4. Your nails. Are they polished and groomed? Or is there dirt under them? Do you work with your hands a lot? Wear gloves, the next time you do dishes or clean.

5. This is the most important tip. Your manners and personality. Do you say please and thank you? Do you send thank you notes to people who give gifts? Are you usually upbeat? Or are you a crabby patty? I know we all have our bad days. But do you have to tell everyone about it?

6. And Hair! Do you keep the same hair style? Or do you like to switch it up? I usually just wear my hair down. But others I clamp it with a comb burette. Or I put it in a pony tail. Guys love pony tails. How often do you see the stylist? I usually see the stylist every 3-6 months. For trims. Do you dye your hair? Or do you keep your natural color? Hair should always be clean. I still use shampoo. I don’t get why people don’t wash their hair. But it’s my choice.

These are 6 tips that will help you with your style, and personality. You’ll be the girl that everyone remembers. And someone who lights up the room.