Chapter 1

Part 1

As my Birthday approaches, I can’t help to wonder where the time goes. Every year it seems like time goes by quicker. Last weekend I went to my nieces school benefit.  Here I am me and my mom with a bunch of high school kids. Playing One Direction songs. It was for a benefit to raise money towards Cerebral Palsy research. And to keep Theater Arts in schools. They raised over $5,000. Since My niece goes to the same high school I went to. I can’t help to remember my times going here as a teen. I have dreams every night returning to school. I either am getting ready for P.E or getting ready for a class to start. I remember the outside where I used to hang out. Sometimes in my dreams I get something in my gut that says I have to return to school and do my high school years over. So the question is. What would I change if I could change anything in my life if I could do it over? I would be more adventurous and not leave anyone out of the group. I would stand up to people. And I would have gone to Prom. Yes, I said it I never went to my prom. I wanted to bring a guy from outside of school. And he ended up not showing up. So I was dateless. It was too late to get tickets. So I just stayed home and drank beer. Most people would probably think that was stupid of me. But I feel like I’m always forgetting something. Like in Pretty in Pink. Where the record store manager said it’s like forgetting your purse. But then you remember not going to Prom. Ha Ha. You’re probably laughing. But so many girls can relate missing an important event. It’s like missing out. Or not being called on to be on a team in P.E.

But life in my thirties have been very positive for me as well.  Thanks to the internet I have a social life. Now you might say. That I am a loner and can’t find friends of my own. But I have a long list of friends that I went to high school with. As well as people that I’ve met online. I have 2 other web sites of my own. One, is my own Art Gallery. And the other, is a Gift Baskets and Flower store. I belong to a company called La Bella Baskets. I am a sales consultant and artist.  I have been very blessed to have a career. Plus I have some college experience that I majored in. I went for my B.A. in Interior Design and Animation. Plus I have an A.A. in General Studies.  I also belong to an online coven called Divine Essence.  We are like a second family. I am closer to these brothers and sisters. Even though we have never met. We are closer than two peas in a pod. I also do a lot of Facebook and Myspace as well. There I have been able to reconnect with friends that have moved away to different states. And I got reunited with my childhood friend who moved away when I was young. She’s married now and has a beautiful baby girl.

Now let’s get to the juicy stuff. My love life! Well currently at the moment I am dating someone. I wont say his name, for his protection. He’s a very well known singer though. But that’s all I am going to say. We’ve been hot and steamy together. We got together after I broke up with someone that was not good for me. It was a long distance relationship. And well it was going sour. So We broke up. And my new boyfriend and I have been casually dating. It’s been several years now. Some days it’s extremely exciting, others it has been like I’m just going to take one day at a time. I read from different dating coaches as well. And some of the advice I take in. And I feel our relationship is the most healthiest relationships I have ever had.

And today I am celebrating my 4 month Quit Smoking Anniversary! And I also lost a whole dress size. I have been exercising to Zumba. Since beginning of January.  It’s the best workout I have ever done. My stomach is in the best shape in a long time. I am slimmer, stronger, and healthier.

As I sit every morning with a hot cup of Lipton Tea. I get ready for the day, with a new zest for life. As I think about my Birthday approaching, it’s like approaching New Years again. Only this time I’ll be 34! Yes life has been well. And all I have to say is. What can I do to make my life better? What can I do to help others? Can I contribute to more causes in the world? Whether marriage is in my future? The idea of marriage is both exciting but also eye opening. Can you ask yourself do I really want to get serious with someone?  Personally I don’t see a point in getting “serious” it takes the fun out of dating.. Then that’s where trouble starts. I’ve been engaged before. And it’s very stressful. Both sides of the family is constantly in your business. And it’s very expensive to get married. I don’t want money to be an issue between me and my future husband. Money is the number 1 cause of marriages failing. And they say you should wait at least 1 year before you really start getting into a marriage. I know that one day I will get married. But let it come with time and love.

Part 2

In case if you are wondering my name is Anjalee. I have decided to make this blog into a novel. Who am I? Is what you’re wondering. Well I’m your typical 33 year old. Although all my life I have always stood out from the crowd. In a sense that, I am half Hindu and half English. Well my mom is the 5th generation of English. But she’s from New Jersey. And my dad, is from Surat India. I’ve always felt different growing up. Sometimes I just felt like I was not a part of any clicks or groups. I was friends with anyone. And I’ve been told that that is a trait that is admirable. I never cared what others would think if I talked to someone they didn’t like. I’ve been known to break up fights. I would just hug someone and they would calm down make up with the other person. So now I’m here writing. I have always considered myself as a brilliant Artist. I have been painting all my life. And I even get to go to Art Awakenings. It’s an art studio for people in the community. That is where I did my most outstanding art pieces. I’m creating a name for myself. That people will recognize long after I’m dead.

Now, something on my mind is indicating that I should talk about something that happened in January of the year 2014. My long time childhood friend committed suicide. This has been sad, and I was numb for a very long time. I was crying every night for 2 months. I wrote poems and letters. He was a childhood memory, and to not have him here is like a part of my heart is gone. He was a piece of my heart. No we never dated, it was platonic. But we were so innocent. And I need to let some emotions out. Grieving over someone is an experience that is hard to explain. But death is a harsh reality. Do I believe in the afterlife? You may ask. I believe none of us know until we experience death for ourselves. And since my friend committed suicide. I don’t know if he’ll go to hell. He was a soldier for the U.S. military. He was a father and husband. He was a brother, son, and friend. I never got to say goodbye. It was not your usual circumstance. He’s just gone and I feel he is not alone. I’m sure he’s resting until the end of time.

Chapter 2

Part 1

Life in my Thirties has been like a reflection into my past. I have seen both success and failure. I have had happy times as well as sad times. A lot of my friends have gotten married and moved away. I am thankful for friends I’ve made. And the family members that have raised me to be a lady. Here in my life now. I feel I’m about to scream with excitement.  I have become spiritually stronger. I get told that I look a lot younger for my age. My new doctor was shocked when I told her my age. She said “You look a lot younger.” I am considered  a natural beauty. I never dye my hair. It’s black and long. And my skin is usually smooth and soft. I’m about 5.6 tall. And I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time. If I wear makeup it’s usually just simple and natural. My room is filled with treasures. And I have a round bed. My closet is full of many styles of clothes. From dresses to flattering blouses. From short skirts to figure flattering pants. I like to wear black on some days. And I wear color when I feel like I need to change my aura. I have all kinds of shoes. I have many boots, heels, flats, wedges, sneakers. And I have many sweaters, jackets, and coats. I wear scarves in the winter times. My style is usually classy, modest, and practical.

My life now consists of me being socially active. I work at my job at La Bella Baskets, and I go to social events. Also, like I said most of my social work is online. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a computer. My life would be very difficult. My job is 80% done online. And 20% outside of my house. I try to fit in exercise whenever I can. And my weekends are for spiritual work, reflecting, cleaning, and sometimes reading.  On some occasions I go see movies. Or I take a Beauty Day, to take care of myself. I give myself manicures and pedicures. And I give myself facials. It’s always good to take care of yourself. And to love your body and keep it healthy. Now in my younger days. I went to my share of parties. As I use to smoke. Not just cigarettes, but sometimes I smoked pot. I occasionally drink wine or beer. But those were in my younger years. I have been smoke free a whole 4 months of cigarettes. And I don’t smoke pot anymore. I gave that up about 10 years ago. I still have a glass of wine or beer at certain times.  Yeah, at this point you may see me as a goody too shoes. But I wasn’t always good. Like I said I’ve been to my share of parties. And now I’m only focused on my health. And improving myself.

My choice of music is a variety of all kinds of music. My favorite music is Rock though. I mentioned that my current boyfriend sings punk rock. He’s so very sexy, and talented. He gives me adrenalin in my veins. He has helped me with my self esteem. Our story is a very special story. We actually met when I was 13. At the Arizona State Fair. He sang there with his band. I later met him at a party afterwards. We actually ended up sleeping in the same sleeping bag. No we did Not have sex.  We just slept. Then life came. And I later met him again in college. We had chemistry from day 1. And this time we did sleep together. I was older, more mature, and an adult. Just writing about it makes me have goosebumps. We actually met up at The Arizona State Fair for a date. We went on rides together. And my niece was there with us. We saw some chickens, roosters, and turkeys there too.  I explained to my niece that there is a difference between the boy and girl chickens. And that was a moment. We all had such a romantic fun time. Then we spent a few nights together after that night. And I know we still have chemistry.

Chapter 3

So I guess what you’re wondering. So I’ve read this far. What is the plot of the story? The plot is reflecting my life as I remember my best and worst moments. That at age 33 and up. Life gets better. The old wars you’ve had with others are mending, old grudges are now forgotten, and my future is getting brighter. I know that life will come and I will experience more memories.  Maybe I will be married, and start a family of my own. Whether I get the promotion at my job that I have been working on? If I will move out of state.? Is there more travel in my life?  I know I have walked far. And I  am going even further on the road. I know that I will experience more death’s. I dread the day I will loose my parents. But as of today they are not going anywhere. My dad is a cancer survivor. And my mom is just feeling her age. But I think she will hang on for at least a few more years. I unfortunately lost all of my grandparents from both sides of the family. I am always thinking of them. I miss them terribly. I miss their cooking, jokes, songs, t.v. shows, and more. I look forward to the day when I will see them again.  I will tell them stories of what I did accomplish. Like getting my Driver’s License, going to college, doing work that fulfills me, and meeting new people every day, while,  strengthening my old friendships.

If you’ve read this far. I thank you for holding onto my words. What inspired me to write this is I just feel I am a flower wanting to bloom. I was a social butterfly through my twenties. But in my thirties I am a woman with experience in the world. I’ve seen the good as well as the ugly. And I only look forward to life as it progresses into a beautiful story of love, romance, heartache, and friendships. Here I close to give wise words to girls and guys. What  to expect when approaching their thirties. Just keep your head up. And don’t give up on your dreams. If one door closes, another opens. And sometimes those old doors that were closed before will open again. Perhaps to reveal to you a life story that’s being recorded. And a lesson to learn at the right time will present itself for you. I hope to write more stories, poems, and articles. And if you like I would like to hear your thoughts. So please message me. I would love your feedback.